Logitech G703 VS G Pro Wireless: Differences (What’s Better)

Logitech G703 vs G Pro – we’ll be comparing the finest wireless mice from Logitech. Both of these top-of-the-line mice are specifically made for gaming and they offer exceptional performance.

We’ll be taking a closer look at these mice and comparing them in their DPI, optical sensor, price, design, weights & dimensions, and connectivity. 

Logitech G703 vs G Pro: Quick Comparison

CHEAPER Logitech G703
  • Wireless
  • Battery Life - 24-32hrs
  • LIGHTSPEED Wireless Connectivity
  • Max DPI - 12,000DPI
  • Weight - 107g (3.7oz)
  • Number of Buttons: 6
  • Cheaper
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WINNER Logitech G Pro
  • Wireless
  • Battery Life - 48-60hrs
  • LIGHTSPEED Wireless Connectivity
  • Max DPI - 16,000DPI
  • Weight - 80g (2.8oz)
  • Number of Buttons: 3 + 4 Optional
  • Quite Expensive
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Difference Between Logitech G703 and G Pro


When you’re talking about the top-notch mice, you simply cannot ignore the DPI that they’re offering.

In this scenario, the most admired G703 only offers a max DPI of 12,000DPI resolutions and a response rate of 1ms. On the contrary, G Pro is offering true 16,000DPI resolutions along with a response rate of 1ms.

Although both of these mice are featured with Lightspeed technology, there’s a minor difference between the actual response rate of these mice. The G Pro is slightly faster than G703.

Optical Sensor

Logitech really did a great job with these mice because the optical sensors in them are probably the best in the world at the moment.

The might G703 is featured with a PMW3366 optical sensor which is considered as one of the best optical sensors ever made.

Similarly, the G Pro Wireless is also featured with a top-notch optical sensor known as the HERO 16K optical sensor.

Both of these optical sensors are flawless when it comes to performance but still, G Pro offers better performance and accuracy. 


The Logitech G Pro Wireless is one of the most expensive mice available in the market. If you’re looking to get a hold of this beast then you better be ready to make it rain.

G703 is also quite expensive but not as G Pro Wireless. These Logitech devices offer the best bang for the buck but is it really worth spending this amount of money on a mouse? Hell yes.

The Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED and Logitech G Pro Wireless are readily available on Amazon and if you still have any concern about these devices then you can also read some informative buyer reviews there as well.


Most of the Logitech devices usually have a very unique and futuristic design but G703 and G Pro feature a very simple design.

The G703 Lightspeed features a very minimalistic design with a curved side to offer a firm grip for right-handed users.

Matte-black exterior with RGB-lit scroll wheel and logo at the bottom of the shell, on-the-fly DPI button, and a couple more programmable buttons on the side.

This is pretty much it as far as the design goes. Unfortunately, G703 is not suitable for lefties. If you’re a left-handed person then this one might not be the best option for you.

On the other hand, G Pro wireless features an ambidextrous shape that is suitable for both, right and left-handed users. There are few signs of RGB lights on this mouse but I’m afraid to say that there, not much effort done by Logitech to add some RGBs on this one.

Another downside of this one is that there’s no DPI button located on top but the optional programmable buttons on each side can be customized to control the DPI. 

Weight & Dimensions 

The dimensions of G703 and G Pro Wireless are very similar but there’s a huge difference between the weight of these devices.

The G703 weighs around 107g  (3.7oz) which is quite heavy for a mouse but on the contrary, G Pro only weighs around 80g (2.8oz).  The G703 is for those who love playing games with a heavy hand but if you’re into lightweights then G Pro is the way to go. 

As far as the dimensions go, the G703 is 12.1cm long (4.8’’), somewhere around 6.7cm (2.6’’) at its widest and nearly 4.2cm (1.69’’) deep.

Similarly, the G Pro Wireless is measured around 12.4cm (4.2’’) long, about 6.3cm (2.5’’) wide and somewhere around 3.9cm (1.6’’) deep.

The G Pro is a bit larger but less deep which means that it’s perfect for palm grip while G703 is great for claw grip.


Both of these devices, Logitech G703 and Logitech G Pro are wireless mice. Another similarity between them is that both of these are featured with the same Lightspeed wireless technology.

This futuristic technology from Logitech offers a really strong connection between the operating device and the mouse.

A major concern that most buyers have is about the response time and the state of the connection between the two devices but these Logitech devices are definitely an exception. 

Battery Life 

Another perk of G703 and G Pro is that you’ll be getting very long-lasting battery life. The G703 LIGHTSPEED can last for nearly 32 hours when RGB lights are turned off and around 24 hours with RGB lights on.

On the other hand, the battery timings that G Pro Wireless have to offer are even better. It can stay awake for nearly 60 hours with RGB on and 48 hours when RGB lights are turned off. 

Logitech G703 Review

Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED is a phenomenal gaming mouse and made for very intense and competitive gaming.

G703 is definitely among the ivy league gaming mice but since the release of G Pro Wireless, G703 has been living under its shadow.

Moving on, G703 is a decent mouse that will really come in handy when you’re playing your favorite games, and also, it’s really durable and can last for a really long time.

In conclusion, G703 is definitely a good choice when it comes to the top-notch gaming mice but it’s a bit on the expensive side. 

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Logitech G Pro Wireless 

Logitech G Pro Wireless is currently the best wireless gaming mouse in the town.

Even some of the best gaming mice like Razer Viper Ultimate and Razer Basiliks Ultimate are falling short of this one.

Logitech G Pro is the absolute best and if you’re looking for something that will win your games then I’d recommend the mighty Logitech G Pro.

In the end, its ambidextrous design makes it perfect for left-handed users as well and if you’re one of them then G Pro is the one for you.

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G703 or G Pro Wireless review


Logitech G703 vs G Pro Wireless: The Winner is…

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is the obvious winner here.

It offers a lot of flexibility and is more precise than G703. Both of these mice are flawless when it comes to gaming and I can recommend both of these to someone looking for top-of-the-line gaming mice.

I feel that G703 is more suitable for those who’ve used something like G502 back in the day but if you’re upgrading from something MM710 or Sensei 310 then I’d recommend the Logitech G Pro.