Logitech G703 Vs G903: Differences (Comparison & Review)

Logitech G703 vs G903 – what are the differences and which one is the best for gaming? The short answer is that both are wireless gaming mice, compatible with the powerplay, and make use of optical sensors. Read on to find out how these two compare in DPI, weight, connection, lighting, price, perfect hand for use, sensor, and battery life.

G703 vs G903: Quick Comparison

  • Has a max DPI of 12,000
  • Its report rate is 1 ms
  • Weighs 3.77oz (107g)
  • Its cable length is 70.86” (1.80m)
  • Height: 4.88” (124mm)
  • It is 2.67” (68mm) wide
  • Depth: 1.69” (43mm)
  • You can have an additional weight of 0.35oz (10g)
  • PMW3366 sensor
  • Makes use of LIGHTSPEED Wireless technology
  • It makes use of 32-bit ARM microprocessor
  • Max acceleration is more than 40G
  • Max speed is more than 400IPS
  • Battery life on default lighting is for 24 hours
  • Battery life on no lighting is 32 hours
  • Makes use of RGB lighting
  • It has zero smoothing/acceleration/filtering
  • It’s POWERPLAY compatible
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WINNER Logitech G903
  • It has a maximum DPI of 12,000
  • It has zero smoothing, acceleration, and filtering
  • It has a report rate of 1 ms
  • Hheight: 5.13” (130.3mm)
  • Its width is 2.6” (66.5mm)
  • Its depth is 1.59” (40.4mm)
  • Has a weight of 3.88oz (110g)
  • You can add an optional weight of 0.35oz (10g)
  • Its cable length is 70.86oz (1.80)
  • It makes use of PMW3366 sensor
  • Max acceleration is greater than 40G
  • Max speed is more than 400 IPS
  • Its wireless technology is LIGHTSPEED wireless
  • It makes use of a 32-bit ARM microprocessor
  • With its RGB lighting on the battery lasts for 24 hours
  • With no lights, the battery lasts for 32 hours
  • It makes use of RGB lighting
  • It’s POWERPLAY compatible
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Logitech G703 vs G903: Differences and Similarities


The DPI of your mouse is a measure of the sensitivity of your mouse and it stands for dots per inch.

Both the G703 and G903 have an equal range of DPI from 200 – 12,000 and so have equal sensitivity.

The performance from the use of either will be the same in terms of sensitivity and so both choices are best with respect to this.


While the weight of your mouse can give you a feeling of durability and confidence, it can also affect the maneuverability.

Lighter mice are more easily moved but can feel flimsy in the hands of a gamer and that is why a perfect balance must be maintained here.

While both mice have different weights, you have the option of adding the extra weight of 0.35oz depending on your preference.

The G703 weighs 3.77oz (107g) and the G903 weighs 3.88oz (110g). If you are a gamer who prefers lightweight mice then the G703 will be your best call.

Bear in mind that the lighter weight of G703 in no way feels flimsy but retains the feel of quality.


Over time, USB mice have had an edge over wireless mice because of responsiveness and being less prone to latency. These issues do not affect the G703 and G903 as you get a quick response rate and latency-free gameplay.

Logitech took care of these problems with their use of a PMW3366 optical sensor which provides a sensitivity range of 200 – 12,000.

The use of Lightspeed wireless connectivity ensures that gamers have a 1 ms response rate, improving response time greatly. It also takes care of the latency problem that some other mice have and all these contribute to improving your overall gaming experience.


Both mice make use of RGB lighting, providing lighting effects from 16.8 million colors. For a better gaming experience, the full spectrum lighting responds to in-game actions.

What you have to do to get the most out of this lighting setup is to combine the mouse with a G RGB keyboard and speakers for a LIGHTSYNC setup.


For gamers on a budget wanting to purchase the G series mice, the best choice for you is the G703 as it’s way cheaper than G903.

G903 is an improvement to G703 and so if you can afford it, you should get it but it doesn’t mean that G703 won’t give a wonderful performance.

Perfect Hand for Use

Most mice are made for right-handed users and the left-handed users are often neglected. Thanks to the design of G903, you could switch hands if you are ambidextrous, or use your left hand comfortably if you are left-handed. G703 is made for right-hand use only.


Both mice make use of the Pixart PMW3366 sensor which offers a minimum DPI of 200 and a maximum of 12,000.

This allows for good tracking and offers precision when taking sniper shots. You can easily choose between different DPI using the DPI toggle button.

Battery Life

The G703 and G903 both have equal battery strengths to last for 24 hours on default lighting and 32 hours on no lighting.

With POWERPLAY you do not have to connect any charger but charge wirelessly. This form of charging is supported both while you are on the mouse and off the mouse.

Logitech 703 Review

Logitech G703 wireless gaming mouse gives you great gameplay with its use of the Pixart PMW3366 sensor.

Now you can play like a pro as you have a DPI range of 200–12,000 at your control with zero smoothing, improved response time and no latency.

You have good battery time lasting for up to 32 hours with no lighting and 24 hours with LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting enabled.

With this, you can have long hours of gameplay without having to bother about charging the battery constantly.

What’s more thrilling is that it’s POWERPLAY compatible. This means you don’t even have to plug in to charge but you can charge wirelessly as you game or when you are off the mouse. Very convenient.

The LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting improves overall gaming experience, and the mouse design is comfortable and allows you crisp and clean clicks.


  • Comfortable design for right-handed users
  • Its wireless performance is excellent
  • Makes use of PWM3366 sensor
  • It’s compatible with POWERPLAY


  • It is fairly expensive when compared with other mice in the market
  • Design is not as sophisticated as you would expect

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Logitech G903 Review

Logitech G903 has an ambidextrous design which makes it very flexible for use and together with its lightweight design and RGB customizable lighting.

You get all you need from a mouse no matter your preference.

The LIGHTSPEED technology takes away the problem of slow response time that is common among wireless mice and gives you incredibly fast responses.

Incorporating the PMW3366 sensor allows you track more accurately and consistently even at speeds of over 400 IPS.

Since this product was made for your utmost enjoyment, you have the option to use POWERPLAY.

This allows you game all day and night without having to plug your mouse in but rather charge wirelessly.

The battery is strong nonetheless, giving you up to 24 hours of play with the RGB lighting enabled, and 32 hours when the lighting is off.


  • Great wireless performance
  • Uses a PMW3366 optical sensor
  • Glides smoothly during use
  • Has an ambidextrous design and makes it suitable for both right and left-handed users
  • Supports powerplay


  • Expensive

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Differences G703 G903


Logitech G703 vs G903: And the winner is…

And here you have it – a detailed comparison and review of G703 and G903.

You can now easily make an informed choice of a gaming mouse from among the two as you know their pros and cons.

Logitech G703 is the best for gamers who prefer light-weight mice, are right-handed or are on a budget. While G903 is for ambidextrous users and also left-handed gamers that can spend a bit more.

The overall performance is nothing short of the best, in the end, no matter which one you go for.