Logitech G703 Vs G603: Differences (Comparison & Review)

Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED vs Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED – let’s review the main differences and decide which mouse is better for gaming. Keep reading to find out how these two compare in their optical sensors, DPI, weight, design, performance, connectivity, battery life, and price.

Let the battle begin!

G703 vs G603: Quick Comparison

WINNER Logitech G703
  • Wireless/Wired
  • Mechanical Mouse Switches
  • 12000DPI & 400IPS
  • 6 Customizable Buttons
  • Weight - 107g (3.7oz)
  • Battery Life - 24 Hours
  • Quite expensive
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  • Wireless and Wired
  • Mechanical Mouse Switches
  • 12000DPI & 400IPS
  • 6 Customizable Buttons
  • Weight - 89g (3.1oz)
  • Battery Life - 500 Hours(AA Batteries)
  • Cheaper
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Logitech G703 vs G603: Differences


There isn’t much difference between Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED and Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED because they are manufactured in a similar manner.

Both, Logitech G703 and G603 offer up to 12,000DPI with the response rate of 1ms which is quite common in the next-gen wireless gaming mice.

These gaming mice are deadly accurate and can actually provide a flawless gaming experience with absolutely no flickering or lag.

Losing your aim is something you won’t ever have to face with these mice. Most of the gamers are likely to play with DPI between 200-8000 and different games require different DPI so you have a lot of room with these mice.

Optical Sensors 

The Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED is equipped with one of the most praised optical sensors, PMW3366 which offers one of the smoothest gaming experience with precision and accuracy.

The PMW3366 has been giving a tough time to its competitions and it is one of the best optical sensors ever made. 

Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED is equipped with the next-gen HERO optical sensor which is also one of the best optical sensors available in the market.

In the previous gen, HERO optical sensor offers true 16,000DPI but the newer version only offers up to 12,000DPI. In conclusion, Both mice are equipped with some unparalleled optical sensors and they won’t disappoint you.


As mentioned earlier, there are many similarities between Logitech G703 & G603 and their design is one of them.

Both these mice have the classic matte black metal body with rubber grips on each side. There are 6 buttons on these devices which are completely customizable using the Logitech G HUB.

There’s nothing special at the bottom of these mice except the fact that both of them are equipped with PTFE feet for better surface grip.

Logitech G703 and Logitech G603 are better suited for right-handed gamers but their ergonomic design allows left-handed users to easily operate these mice.

Both of these mice are very durable because they are equipped with mechanical mouse switches which could last for more than 50M clicks.

Overall, these mice are very simple and professional looking and if you’re looking for a decent gaming mouse that is ideal for your hand then G703 and G603 are great options.

Weight and Dimensions

The Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED is nearly 12.7cm (5’’) long, 6.8cm (2.6’’) wide and almost 4.3cm (1.6’’) deep.

The standard weight of Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED is somewhere around 107g (3.7oz) which can be increased using the extra 10g (0.3oz) weight found inside the box.

Whereas the Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED is almost 12.7cm (5’’) long, 6.8cm (2.6’’) wide and nearly 4.cm (1.6’’) deep same as the Logitech G703.

The standard weight of Logitech G603 is almost 89g (3.1oz) but with the addition of AA batteries, the weight of G603 is 112g (3.9oz) with 1 AA battery and 135.7g (4.7oz) with 2 AA batteries.

Furthermore, G703 LIGHTSPEED is a very light-headed mouse with dimensions that are ideal for most of the gamers.

However, G603 LIGHTSPEED is quite heavy when equipped with 2 AA batteries and it is only suitable for those who like to play with a heavy hand but you can always adjust the DPI to find the sweet spot.


Both, the Logitech G703 and Logitech G603 are wireless mice that are also equipped with the LIGHTSPEED wireless technology that is responsible for 1ms response time.

There’s no doubt that LIGHTSPEED is quite fast and most of the time it feels like playing with a wired mouse and many can’t even tell the difference.

Some mice out there are quite terrible when it comes to connectivity and tend to lose connection quite often which leads to people believing that wireless mice are useless. But these mice are really different from those and can even perform better than some wired gaming mice.

Battery Life

G703 LIGHTSPEED can last up to 24 hours with a normal RBG lighting effect and nearly 32 hours with no lighting effects.

G703 LIGHTSPEED is also compatible with the POWERPLAY Wireless charging solution pad which means that you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite games without ever needing to plug in your mouse.

Furthermore, Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED offers some unmatched battery life that can throw the competitors out of the park.

G603 LIGHTSPEED can last up to 500 hours with 2x AA batteries when HI mode is turned on. But that’s not all – when LO mode is turned on, Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED can last up to 18 months (1.5y) which is quite exceptional.

In the end, Battery Life is not an issue with these mice and you can continue to play your games for a very very long time.


The Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED is one of the latest gaming mice available in the market so it’s obvious that the price will be quite high. And if you’re going for POWERPLAY as well then you will have to pay a lot and I mean a lot of $$ to get your hands on this mouse.

On the other hand, G603 LIGHTSPEED is quite a bit cheaper than G703 and you won’t have to pay a huge sum of money for this one.

Availability is never an issue with Logitech devices and both, Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED and Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED are readily available on Amazon.

Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED Review

The Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED is a precise light-headed mouse which features one of the best optical sensor and LIGHTSPEED technology which has proven it’s worth in the past few years.

G703 is a decent mouse with next-gen components, nice looking body and the battery timing are quite good as well.

Furthermore, Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED is quite useful when it comes to FPS and MMO games.

In conclusion, G703 LIGHTSPEED is definitely among one of the best gaming mice available in the market and I’d happily recommend it to a friend.

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Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED Review

The Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED is an exceptional mouse that is equipped with a flawless optical sensor and the battery life is just great.

Imagine not having to plug in your mouse for almost 1.5 years. Sounds great to me! G603 LIGHTSPEED also features mechanical mouse switches and PTFE feet so there’s really no doubt in the durability of this mouse.

However, G603 is quite heavy when it is equipped with 2x AA batteries and 135g (4.7oz) is definitely a lot and this factor might force the buyer to think twice before buying this one.

In conclusion, aside from its weight, G603 is a must-have gaming mice that can deliver some solid performance.

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Logitech G703 vs G603


Logitech G703 vs G603: And the winner is…

Both these mice, Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED and Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED are quite brilliant gaming mice and I’d be happy to play with both of them.

Logitech G703 is a bit better choice here for gamers because it’s a light-headed mouse which is suitable for almost anyone.

Logitech G603 is quite an exceptional mouse but its weight might be an issue for some people. However, if you’re comfortable with it then Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED is one of the finest gaming mice available in the market. Plus, it’s cheaper than the G703.