11 Ways to Send Emails In the Future

In the past we have covered how you can delay sending a email from Outlook, but that would only come in handy when you have your PC turned on at the time you want to send the emails.

With several services popping up everyday, there are several ways in which you can send emails to yourself or others in the future, few of the reasons to do that would include sending yourself reminders (we have a talked about a better way to do that with Google calendar) or sending birthday or anniversary wishes to friends.

In this post we will introduce you to 11 services that allow you to send emails in the future, choose the one you like and start setting up those emails for forgotten birthdays.

1. LetterMeLater

Source: flamory.com

This is probably one of the most advanced future email service, providing users with the ability to attach files, setup recurring emails, import contacts and more.

2. EternityMessage

Has a nice interface with ability to compose HTML messages with images and more, that you can save as drafts or send into the future.

3. l8r

l8r is a free email service that allows you to send email in the future, they also send you reminders about emails that are going to be sent in near future.

4. FutureMail

Source: inc.com

Allows you to send emails in the future and view them as RSS feeds

5. FutureMe

Provides a simple interface to email yourself or others in the future.

6. EmailFuture

Another futuristic email service provider with ability to send emails 10 years into the future.

7. Email Capsule

Another simple service providing you with the ability to send mails in the future.

8. MailFreezr

Source: sailthru.com

A virtual freezer for your emails, with the ability to stall your emails for 1-100 years, they do not provide date based future emails.

9. WhenSend

A simple, no hassle based service to send emails in the future.

10. YouScribbleYou

Allows you to setup recurring emails along with the ability to send emails to 2 different emails.

Bonus Service

11. HitMeLater

Source: techcrunch.com

This service forwards any email you send to them in the future, for example if you send a email to [email protected], they will forward it back to you after 24 hours.

Which is your favorite future email service? Are you using something which is not featured in this list? Do let us know through your comments.