Did the FBI Fail to Decrypt a Hard Drive Encrypted with TrueCrypt?

The Operation Satyagraha at Rio de Janeiro has hard-drives as evidence but the problem is these five hard drives are all encrypted using TrueCrypt. This is giving the FBI a hard time as it struggles to decrypt the files on these drives.

The Operation Satyagraha took place in 2008 and the investigation has been continuing ever since. Apparently, the Brazil was investigating the drives initially but they were handed over to the FBI only when they could not handle it anymore. However, the FBI has returned the drives saying it failed to decrypt the drives.

Source: csoonline.com

The hard drives are using an AES and TrueCrypt. The FBI has been trying a dictionary attack on the files and has failed so far. The failure to decrypt these hard drives has brought immense shame to the FBI and has exposed its weakness at dealing with the technological advancements of modern times. Funnily enough, there exists no law in Brazil to force the banker give up his passwords.

Source: spydrill.com

A few months ago, there was news of the FBI director missing the fact that Google earth is not real time and does not show live data. See this hilarious news  here. This proves how the security agencies in various countries are lagging behind in technology.