Logitech M510 vs M525: Differences Reviewed (What’s Best?)

Logitech M525 Marathon vs M510 – both of these mice are wireless and offer great value for money but which one is better than the other? Find out below. We’ll be comparing these mice in their DPI, sensor, price, design, weight, hand orientation and connectivity. Let the battle begin. Also read about best dual monitor setup for Macbook Pro.

M510 vs M525: Quick Comparison

  • Wireless
  • 2 Years Battery Life (2x AA Cell)
  • Advanced Wireless Connectivity
  • DPI - 1000DPI
  • Weight - 129g (4.5oz)
  • Number of Buttons: 7
  • Pricier
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WINNER Logitech M525
  • Wireless
  • 3 Years Battery Life (2x AA Cell)
  • Advanced Wireless Connectivity
  • DPI - 1000DPI
  • Weight - 127g (4.4oz)
  • Number of Buttons: 5
  • Cheaper
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Logitech M510 vs M525: Differences


The sensitivity of the mouse does not really matter with mice that are specifically made for office or home use. Logitech M510 and M525 feature 1000DPI resolution, which will do the trick for your work station. 

Dots Per Inch (DPI) plays a vital role in the overall performance of the mouse and the higher the DPI, the better.

It usually matters if you’re buying a mouse for gaming purposes but if you’re looking for something for your office or home, DPI doesn’t really matter that much. 

Optical Sensor 

The Logitech M510 and M525 have slightly different optical sensors but both of them are fast and accurate.

Logitech M510 is featured with a standard laser-grade tracking optical sensor that offers 1000DPI and can firmly move the cursor on any smooth or rough surfaces.

Logitech M525 is equipped with an advanced optical sensor that works flawlessly on any surface and ideal for home or multimedia use.

We can safely say that M525 is featured with an upgraded version of a standard laser-grade tracking optical sensor and will surely perform better than M510.


The price difference between these two mice is almost nothing. Both of them fall in the same category and will cost more than a few bucks.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it again that Logitech products aren’t particularly cheap, even after years of their release.

Moving on, the Logitech M510 is pricer than M525 but the price difference is almost negligible.

Check out the price of Logitech M510 and Logitech M525 on Amazon where you can find some sweet deals on these mice. 


Logitech mice always have the best designs that offer a very comfortable experience and are very user-friendly.

This is also the case with Logitech M510 and M525. The M510 has a very nice and sporty looking shape.

The top looks a bit strange with the combination of a glossy and matte black body with a pi (π) looking shape.

The mouse looks very small but it’s actually quite big and if you have large hands, then you will easily be able to find your sweet spot.

Rubber side grips are there as well to enhance your grip with a Logitech logo at the bottom of the shell.

This is pretty much it as far as the design of M510 goes. Logitech M510 is available in blue, black, and red colors.

Logitech M525 is nothing like the M510 and features a very ordinary shape. Remember the mice from the early 2000s?

The M525 has pretty much the same design. However, M525 is quite small but it has enough room to properly grip the mouse regardless of your hand size.

The sides of the mouse are covered with a rubbery substance to increase the comfort level and it’s really comfy. The Logitech M525 is available in black, blue, and red colors. If I’d have to choose, I’ll definitely go for the red color.

Weight and Dimensions

The Logitech M510 and M525 are both wireless mice and they run on AA batteries and that’s why they are heavier than most wireless mice.

The Logitech M510 runs on 2x AA batteries and weighs around 129g (4.5oz). M510 is a full-size mouse and when measured, it is 11.9cm (4.7’’) long, almost 6.5cm (2.5’’) at the widest, and nearly 4.1cm (1.6’’) tall.

Similarly, Logitech M525 runs in 3x AA batteries but surprisingly, it is still lighter than M510. The M525 weighs around 127g (4.4oz) and when measured, the M525 is 10.1cm (4’’) long, nearly 5.6cm (2.2’’) wide, and almost 3.8cm (1.5’’) deep. Logitech M525 is best suited for people with small hands. 

Hand Orientation 

The Logitech M510 is not probably the best mouse out there as far as comfort goes. The Pi-look-alike shape is not ideal and if used for long hours, your hand might start to hurt.

But it’s ideal for people with small hands. You’ll face problems if you have very large hands. The Logitech M510 is ideal for right-handed people and lefties can also easily operate this mouse.

The Logitech M525 has a comfier design and ergonomic shape that will allow you to use this one for a very long time without getting tired.

M525 is quite small but due to its perfectly designed shape, anyone can easily use this mouse. The M525 is also perfect for right and left-handed people. 


The Logitech M510 and M525 are both wireless mice and equipped with the Advanced Wireless 2.4Ghz technology that offers a flawless connection between the two devices.

The Logitech M510 and M525 have a long-range of 10m. The M510 runs on 2x AA batteries and can last for nearly 2 years while M525 runs on 3x AA batteries and can last for nearly 3 years.

Both of these mice come with a 3-year hardware warranty as well.

Logitech M510 Review 

The Logitech M510 wireless mouse features an extra-ordinary shape and the specs under the hood are also quite impressive.

I’m really impressed with the overall presentation of the mouse but the shape of the mouse bugs me a little.

I feel that M510 might not be the best choice for myself but with over 19,000 reviews on Amazon, M510 is definitely worth a shot.

Looking for a durable mouse that will actually last a very long time? Logitech M510 is not a bad choice.

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Logitech M525 Review

Logitech M525 is the updated version and features better specs than most of the wireless mice out there.

The shape is quite simple but very user-friendly and the side rubber grips are quite comfortable as well.

Overall, M525 is a decent mouse and I don’t see any major flaw with this mouse and I’d definitely recommend this one to a friend as well as use it myself. 

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difference M510 M525


M510 vs M525: And the winner is…

The Logitech M510 and M525 are both excellent wireless mice and both of them have their own pros and cons.

However, M525 is better than M510 because it has the latest tech installed inside the shell while the M510 is a bit outdated.

But if you’re looking for a cool looking mouse or are on a tight budget then M510 is a good choice but if you’re looking for the best option in terms of performance, comfort and durability then go for Logitech M525

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