Logitech M220 vs M330: Differences (What’s better?)

The Logitech M220 and the Logitech M330 are both popular premium mice available in the market.

Perhaps you are in the lookout for a “Silent Mouse” and maybe wondering which of these make for a better buy. In this article, we’ll look at the differences between Logitech M220 and Logitech M330 and figure out what’s better.

To start with, let’s see how these two compare in terms of DPI, battery life & charging, connection,  weight, price, and more. Let the battle begin!

M220 vs M330: Quick Comparison

logitech m330 review
  • Ambidextrous
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Connection with Nano Receiver
  • 1000 DPI Sensor Resolution
  • Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking
  • Dimensions: 3.89” X 2.36” X 1.53”
  • (99mm X 60mm X 39mm)
  • Weight 2.65 Oz (75.2 g)
  • Battery Life: 18 Months
  • 1 X AA Non-Rechargeable Battery
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WINNER Logitech M330
  • Right Handed
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Connection with Nano Receiver
  • 1000 DPI Sensor Resolution
  • Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking
  • Dimensions: 4.15” X 2.67” X 1.51”
  • (105.4mm X 67.9mm X 38.4mm)
  • Weight: 3.21 Oz (91.0 g)
  • Battery Life: 24 Months
  • 1 X AA Non-Rechargeable Battery
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Logitech M220 vs M330: Differences and SImilarities


The Logitech M220 and M330 both have a sensor resolution of 1000 DPI. The tracking is very smooth and accurate.

But you need to keep in mind that if the screen resolution is very high, say 4K, both these mice will feel slow.

In case you want a mouse for work on such high-resolution screens you better look for mice with a sensor resolution of more than 3000DPI.

Battery Life and Charging

The Logitech M220 boasts a claimed battery life of 18 months while M330 claims a longer battery life of 24 months.

They run on non-rechargeable single AA batteries and if you use a good quality battery, they are sure to run a very long time without needing a replacement.

Both mice come with an in-built power-saving mode which switches them into standby after a few minutes of inactivity.


A USB nano receiver comes with both of the mice which are tethered through a 2.4 GHz connection.

Logitech claims a working radius of 30 feet which is pretty amazing. Although you probably won’t be using your mouse that far away, a strong connection is definitely worth having.

The signal stability is excellent and you won’t experience any discontinuity in tracking.

Silent Plus Technology

Both the Logitech M220 and M330 come with what Logitech calls “Silent Plus” technology in order to reduce the level of click noise.

Hearing a ‘click’ is in a way a good thing since it gives you tactile feedback on whether you actually gave an input or not.

But that sound becomes annoying especially when it comes from another person working on their computer nearby.   

Logitech has attempted to solve this problem by cleverly reducing the loudness of the click sound without losing the familiar click feel.

Both the Logitech M220 and M330 will amaze you with these silent clicks and you’ll definitely appreciate it when you compare it with the sound of a regular mouse.


Both the M220 and M330 have Logitech’s Advanced Optical Tracking system which features an invisible light-based sensor that is tilted at an angle to provide more sensitivity.

They track excellently on matte surfaces and they’re not bad even if you happen to use them on semi-glossy surfaces. 

However, you still won’t be able to use these mice on glass or high-gloss surfaces.

Hand Orientation

The Logitech M330 is designed for right-handed use while the M220 is ambidextrous.

Being specially contoured for the right hand, the M330 is very comfortable and fatigue-free for long usage hours.

That doesn’t mean that the M220 is far behind. The contours in the M22 allow for a sufficiently comfortable hold and control.

Compared to the M220, the Logitech M330 offers more grip by offering a rubberized texture on the sides.

Dimension and Weight

The Logitech M330 is medium-sized and at just 3.21 Oz, it’s easy to work with for long hours without getting sore wrists.

The Logitech M220 is smaller in size and offers a more compact hold which some may love, especially kids and those with small hands.

At 2.65 Oz, it is also very lightweight and suitable for carrying around.


The Logitech M330 with its silent technology and special right-hand design has a premium price tag. Considering the level of comfort it brings to the hands and ears, the price seems reasonable.

The Logitech M220 is priced considerably lower which makes it a good option if you’re on a tight budget. 

Logitech M330 Review

The Logitech M330 is basically a comfortable office mouse with only the essential functions – left, right, middle clicks and scroll.

The tracking is excellent on most surfaces except glass and the like.

It is specially designed for right-handed use and those contours definitely feel like a perfect fit for your right palm.

The M330’s Silent Plus technology makes it unique in the market because it has reduced the loudness of the click sound by up to 90%.

The best part is that although you hear very little of the click noise, you lose none of the ‘click’ feel which is very helpful.

Overall, the Logitech M330 is a very comfortable and enjoyable mouse that is worth every penny if you can afford it.

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Logitech M220 Review

The Logitech M220 is a compact mouse that comes with both Advanced Optical Tracking and Silent Plus Technology that is found on the M330.

The only major difference being that the M220 is designed for ambidextrous use as opposed to the right-handed M330.

Nevertheless, the mouse is very comfortable to use for long hours and the tracking is also excellent.

Being compact and lightweight, this is surely the mouse that you want to carry around and perhaps use in the library.

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difference review M220 M330


Logitech M220 vs M330: And the winner is…

The Logitech M220 and the Logitech M330 both offer a good value for money proposition given their usage comfort level, reliable connectivity, and excellent tracking.

The Logitech M330 is definitely the one to buy if you are right-handed and willing to shell some extra bucks to experience the tailor-made comfort for your palm.

And the brilliant Silent Plus technology is sure to give a pleasurable ‘clicking’ experience too.

But if you are on a budget, go for the M220 without further thought. It has almost all the performance of the M330 and is significantly cheaper.

The only downside is that you won’t get that perfect fit for your right hand. But given the level of comfort it already gives, perhaps you won’t find the need for a single-handed mouse after all.