Logitech G203 vs G403 Prodigy: Differences [What’s Better]

Logitech G203 vs G403 Prodigy – let’s review the key differences and decide which mouse is better for gaming. Read to find out how these two compare in their sensors, DPI, weight, design, RGB lights, connection, and price. 

Logitech G203 vs G403 Prodigy: Quick Comparison

  • Optical sensor
  • DPI up to 12,000
  • Acceleration up to 300 IPS
  • Customizable RGB
  • Supports any OS from Windows 7 (not best for Linux)
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WINNER Logitech G403
  • No sensor at all
  • DPI up to 8,000
  • Acceleration up to 200 IPS
  • Customizable RGB
  • Supports any OS from Windows 7 (not best for Linux)
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G203 vs G403: Differences

First of all, we have the sensor difference. If having a sensor is a must for you, then G403 is your choice as the G203 doesn’t have a sensor at all.

We also have a difference in the acceleration where you can see the G203 has 25g/200ips while the G403 has 40g/300ips; the difference is about 150 to 160%.

Moving to the cable length. The G403 is longer, and that’s very important nowadays as long as these mouses aren’t wireless. Having a longer wire for wired mouses been important nowadays, especially for gamers.


If you are a guru gamer or a beginner, we got your back covered! As we will explain to you here what DPI refers to and whether if it is essential or not.

The (DPI) or Dots per inch is a measuring type that lets you know how sensitive your mouse is, and for sure, the higher DPI, the more reacts and detects to the small movements you do.

Having that said that, if you cannot control your hand 100% while playing and your role is always a sniper, for example, you might need to get low DPI mouses as they will work the best for you.

But if you’re very concerned and interested in every move the mouse can do that means you need a high DPI level mouses, so in that example, you should get the G403.

Connection (wireless or wired)

Both mouses are wired and don’t have wireless options. Let’s see why wired mouses might be better than wireless ones.

The first issue you will face if your mouse is wireless is the battery! Imagine that you are in a vital game and forgot to check the batteries’ power or charging the mouse and suddenly while fighting lost the mouse connection. Ain’t that tough?

Wired mouses aren’t old fashion they still have their respect, and I prefer them over the wireless ones. Maybe one day we will all be forced to use the wireless mouses but that sure isn’t today!


The LED Illumination in both mouses is customizable, and that is an outstanding feature to customize it as you, which as long as you are okay with their RGB options.

The only disadvantage for lighting for the two mouses is both are not applicable for LED indicators.


Logitech G403 is more expensive than the G203. So if you’re on a very tight budget you might have to go for Logitech 203. However, if you want a better gaming mouse, you should get the G403.


The G403 comes with a sensor while the G203 doesn’t. The G403 sensor is PMW3366, and its specifications are the following:

1000Hz, Ambidex, Weight is 83, +B 3, MS 5.3, L117, W62, H38.

That’s a pretty good sensor based on the price range of that mouse.


The G203 weight is 3.0 oz / 85.1 g

The G403 weight is 3.1 oz / 87.3 g

Pretty close to each other but will make a difference for you if you got used to one, especially in the games that use weapons like Fortnite.

Nowadays, if you use a mouse over the other one, you will need to re-optimize your sensitivity settings again as it won’t be the same to have the same movements you used on while playing. You will also need to pay attention to the DPI change.

Logitech G203 Review

I see that the G203 mouse is excellent as long as you are playing for fun or not taking the gaming too seriously.

The mouse is perfect and can use it even if you are streamer like any other, more expensive mouse.

I’d recommend the G203 over the G403 if you’re on a very tight budget.

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Logitech G403 Prodigy Review

G403 Prodigy wins this comparison in features but not the price.

That means if you are looking for the elements, you should buy the G403 instead of G203 if your budget allows.

It has a sensor while Logitech G203 doesn’t.

Moreover, it has a higher DPI level, and the cable is longer.

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G203 vs G403: And the winner is…

Logitech G203 or Logitech G403 Prodigy is a fascinating comparison to do. After reviewing and analyzing the differences, here are the results.

Over the budget, the G203 wins, and over the features, the G403 wins at that point.

You have to make your decision based on what’s more important to you.

Ask yourself, do I need a sensor? Do I need a very high DPI? If your answer is “yes” you will have to buy the G403. If your answer is “no,” “not sure,” or “doesn’t matter,” then go for the G203.

In the end, we hope that our comparison delivered to you what you wanted to know and been able to help you choose your next mouse!