Google Translate for Android Gets Better, Now Does Live Conversation

Android apps are getting better as each day passes and the ones provided by Google is the top of the charts. Google Maps with rotate, tilt and 3D was a revolutionary concept and this time too, we have more awesomeness from Google as the Google Translate app that does live conversation.


The moment you speak in a language, Google translate listens to it and translates it in live to another language. The same is true for your friend who speaks a language you have no idea of. This new feature is available in a “Conversation Mode” that autodetects the language and does this conversion in live. This has been tested in English and Spanish currently as these are the two most popular languages used on the Internet and text translate service for these languages already exist.

The Google Blogspot has written about this service saying,

In conversation mode, simply press the microphone for your language and start speaking. Google Translate will translate your speech and read the translation out loud. Your conversation partner can then respond in their language, and you’ll hear the translation spoken back to you.