What Does a Google Workspace Administrator Actually Do?

Google Workspace, a beneficial platform that consists of numerous different apps and software solutions, can help people optimize the workflow and enhance the Google products they frequently use.

A set of communication and productivity apps that is offered can come quite in handy for startups and established businesses and organizations, as well as for individuals. It is especially becoming popular among smaller teams and startups, allowing them for smooth communication and project management.

Managing the Google Workspace subscription of your organization won’t be easy if you don’t have good administrative and organizational skills. Put simply, without a great Google Workspace administrator, you probably won’t use the platform to the fullest.

And, instead of things being easy, they may get complicated. Responsible for managing all the Workspace services and to offer support to the end users, these administrators have a pivotal role in the successful and efficient usage of this platform and the set of important apps and programs in an organization.

If planning on being the admin yourself after you get the subscription, you will have to understand not only the importance of effective administration, but also the key responsibilities of you as the admin, as well as the privileges you may have in terms of access. Basically, you have to know why this is important, as well as what it is that a Google Workspace administrator actually does. So, let’s start answering those questions for you.

Importance of Effective Administration

Importance of Effective Administration
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The importance of effective and successful administration should be clear to everyone already. Without doing great admin work, you could jeopardize the success of the project and basically damage the entire workflow. If, thus, you want everything to run smoothly, and you surely do, you’ll have to do proper admin work.

From auditing the accounts regularly, to granting permissions, as well as enforcing security protocols… All those and much more practices are necessary for the Workspace environment to function smoothly. Read more on what this Google-owned service entails: (https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/what-is-google-workspace/)

Key Responsibilities of a Google Workspace Administrator

Key Responsibilities of a Google Workspace Administrator
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So as for the entire team to collaborate successfully, which will lead to increased overall productivity, you’ll have to understand your key responsibilities as an administrator. You are the one that has to ensure successful communication and collaboration among the team members. And, you’re the one that has to ensure they are all getting the most out of the tools provided by Google Workspace.

One of your key responsibilities will include managing user accounts properly. Creating accounts for new employees, disabling those for terminated employees, resetting passwords… All of that will be on your plate when you become an admin.

Apart from creating the accounts and managing them, you’ll also have to deal with user access management. Meaning, you’ll be in charge of granting and revoking access to specific tools and services provided by Workspace. Not everyone has to have access to everything, and you are responsible for limiting as well as extending it.

Furthermore, you’ll also have to train and support users, especially new ones upon them entering the team. If people don’t know how to efficiently use the tools and the services, it can result to quite some problems during the projects, including project delays and lack of quality communication, which can jeopardize the entire company.

So, you’ll have to answer questions for the users, guide them toward adopting the best Google Workspace practices, as well as troubleshoot any issues that may arise in the process.

Apart from all of that, a Google Workspace administrator will also be responsible for creating and enforcing policies that will be related to security, compliance, as well as any other organizational requirements.

Data retention policies, mobile device management, and two-factor authentication are only some of the important security policies you’ll need to set in place so as for everything to function perfectly. Of course, what you’ll specifically have to do here will depend on the actual needs of your organization. Data security is of utmost importance in today’s world. Luckily, we made a guide that will navigate you through possible ways for your business to solve data security problems.

Access and Privileges

Access and Privileges of google workspace administrator
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While you’ll have a lot of responsibilities as the admin, you’ll also have quite some privileges in terms of access. Put simply, this Google-created service has a lot of tools that help admins effectively and successfully manage the access and privileges of other users. Therefore, the admin will need to have access to the entire Google Workspace environment of an organization.

To be even more precise, the administrator will have access to all the user data and the settings. Including all the files and other things stored in the Google Workspace apps, and potentially all the emails. Since you’ll have all the important responsibilities that will lead to successful team collaboration, it is no wonder you will have access to all the data and all the features. Basically, the access will help you do your job much better.