Logitech MX Master Vs 2S: Differences (Which Mouse Is Better)

Logitech MX Master vs MX Master 2S – these business mice are best in the town when it comes to multitasking and maximum productivity. But which one of them is best for you?

Read on because we’ll be comparing these mice in their DPI, optical sensors, price, weight, design, hand orientation, and connectivity. Let the best mouse win!

MX Master vs MX Master 2S: Quick Comparison

CHEAPER Logitech MX Master
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Wireless Mouse
  • Advanced Wireless Connectivity
  • Only offers 1600DPI
  • Simple scroll wheel
  • Rechargeable Battery (500mAh)
  • Weight - 145g (5.1oz)
  • Number of Buttons: 5
  • Cheaper
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WINNER Logitech MX Master 2S
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Wireless Mouse
  • Advanced Wireless Connectivity
  • Offers 4000DPI
  • Auto-shift scroll wheel
  • Also features rechargeable battery (500mAh)
  • Weighs around 145g (5.1oz)
  • Number of Buttons: 5
  • Expensive
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Difference Between Logitech MX Master and 2S


There’s a significant difference between the DPI of these mice. The Logitech MX Master only offers 1600DPI (400DPI-1600DPI) along with a nominal value of 1000DPI.

While the Logitech MX Master 2S offers 4000DPI and a nominal value of 1000DPI. 

The MX Master offers much less DPI when compared with 2S which means that this mouse is a bit slower than 2S and there’s a marginal difference between the performance of these mice. 

DPI matters a lot when you’re using a mouse on a 120hz monitor or a projector. In such a case, the more DPI your mouse has, the faster it will be and in this scenario, 2S will easily outperform MX Master. 

Optical Sensor

The Logitech MX Master and 2S are featuring the same optical sensors but offer different DPI resolutions.

Both of these mice are equipped with the ‘Darkfield laser sensor’ that is known for its unmatched performance on rough and smooth surfaces.

This optical sensor is indeed one of the best when it comes to business mice. You might not get the quickest response from this mouse but one thing is for certain is that it will live for a very long time.

These mice are very precise and very productive. There’s no drag in pointer tracking with these mice and the on-the-fly DPI button will allow you to change the sensitivity of the mice anytime you want. 


These mice are quite expensive. However, if you take into consideration what you get, they offer good value for money.

If you’re on a budget, go for the MX Master because it’s cheaper than the MX Master 2S. 

Check the current prices of Logitech MX Master and MX Master 2S here.


The design of Logitech MX Master and 2S is very similar and both of them feature the same ergonomic shape.

The MX Master offers a glossy exterior with brownish side panels and carbon rubber grips on the side. 

It also features a hyper scroll wheel and a DPI button on the top of the mice. 

The build quality of the exterior of the mouse is surely impressive and I’d go ahead and say that the build quality of this mouse is far better than some of the biggest names in the market. 

Moving onto the MX Master 2S, the design and shape are pretty much the same but it features a minimalist look.

Matte-black exterior with silver side panels and same carbon rubbers on the side grips. This one also features small LEDs on the side that are also a nice touch to the overall presentation. 

Weight & Dimensions 

These flagship mice are quite big. If you have small hands then these mice are probably not the best options for you.

We’ve measured the MX Master and here are the dimensions of this mouse. The MX Master is 12.6cm (4.9’’) long, 8.5cm (3.3’’) at the widest, and nearly 4.4cm (1.7’’) tall. Weighing at nearly 145g (5.1oz), MX Master is one of the heaviest mice in the market.

Similarly, the Logitech MX Master MX 2S offers the same dimensions and weight. These office and home mice are ideal for those who are used to operate a heavy mouse.

If you’re switching from a light mouse to a heavy one then you can get tired quickly when using such mice at first. 

Hand Orientation

The Logitech MX Master and MX Master 2S do not feature an ambidextrous shape and they’re only suitable for right-handed people.

The thumb rest on the left-side of these mice is a dream come true and it offers a pretty firm grip on the mouse.

And because they’re quite large and heavy, I wouldn’t recommend this mouse for kids.


The MX Master and 2S are wireless mice with rechargeable batteries. Both of these mice use the same Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology that is also been used in the M series Logitech mice.

We haven’t heard any complaints about this wireless technology and they offer a decent connection between the mice and the operating device.

Logitech FLOW

The only and main difference between these mice is that MX Master 2S is featured with a Logitech Flow technology.

This technology offers the user to copy the data from one PC and paste it into another PC.

All the saved data will remain inside the mouse and you won’t need any wireless connection between the two operating systems. 

The MX Master does not feature this technology but both of these mice can be connected to 3 different devices and can be switched anytime from the side-scroll buttons.

Also, Mx Master could last for 40 days on a single charge while 2S can last for nearly 70 days on a single charge.

Logitech MX Master Review

The Logitech MX Master is a business mouse that is best suited for those who have to multitask throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a casual mouse for office or home then it’s a good option as well but it can be more productive if you’re multitasking.

Gaming with this mouse wouldn’t be the best choice.

I’m very impressed with the ergonomic design and the build quality of this mouse.

I’d recommend this mouse to those who have to work on different operating systems at the same time. 

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Logitech MX Master 2S Review

The Logitech MX Master 2S is another great choice out there if you’re looking for an above-average office mouse.

I’d say the same thing about this one as well, this mouse is ideal for those who have to multitask throughout the day.

The Logitech FLOW technology is definitely the selling point of these mice and the exceptional battery life makes it easier to decide. 

However, this mouse is quite a bit more expensive than your average office mouse.

So, is it really worth it? Yes. Logitech MX Master 2S is definitely worth your hard-earned money and I’d definitely recommend it to a friend. 

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MX Master 2S difference


Logitech MX Master vs 2S: And the winner is…

There’s not much difference between the two and both of them offer almost the same performance.

However, MX Master 2S features the Logitech FLOW technology and longer battery life while MX Master falls a bit short.

I’d recommend buying 2S for those who have to work hard and switch between computers all the time but if you’re looking for a standard office mouse that is cheaper then MX Master will do the job for you.