How to open ISO files?

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An ISO image is an image of files that can be burnt to a CD. If you’ve just downloaded an ISO file, and be able to open the ISO file and edit its contents, before burning it off on a CD, here’s a quick guide telling you how you can open an ISO file.

First, you should know that there are quite a handful of programs that let you open ISO files, but I’m going to talk only about WinRAR here, because it’s a simple tool and just does the job intended.

  • Get your copy of WinRAR from this page, double click on the setup file and the installation proceeds.
  • During the setup process, WinRAR will ask you to set file associations, make sure that ISO is checked. Click ‘Done’ in the next window.
  • Now, navigate to the folder where your ISO file is present. Notice that there’s a WinRAR icon indicating the ISO file.
  • Double click to open the ISO file.
  • WinRAR opens and the contents of the file are displayed.

Here are some more resources that will help you deal with ISO files.

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