Best Vertical Gaming Mouse: 2024 Reviews (Wired & Wireless)

Vertical gaming mice are the next big thing in the PCMR and they’re turning many heads with their unique style. Vertical gaming mouse might look like alien technology to you but they’re just simple mice that are standing on their own feet. The vertical mouse features an ergonomic shape and it’s really easy to master. 

In a hurry? TRELC Vertical Gaming Mouse is the best mouse in [year] because it is the only one that features a gaming-grade optical sensor. If you’re into those glowing RGB LEDs then Delux Wired Vertical mouse is a very decent option and the build quality of this one is also very impressive. 

If you’re looking for a budget option then there’s nothing better than Anker Optical vertical gaming mouse. It offers the perfect posture for your hand but if you want the best quality vertical mouse for casual gaming then Logitech MX Vertical wireless mouse is the way to go. 

Top Rated Vertical Gaming Mouse: Quick Comparison

Winner TRELC Vertical Gaming Mouse
  • Wired
  • Max DPI - 10,000DPI
  • 5D Joystick
  • 11 Programmable Buttons
  • RGB Lighting Effects
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Runner-Up DELUX Wired Ergonomic Vertical Mouse
  • Wired
  • Max DPI - 4000DPI
  • Optional Buttons
  • Chroma RGB LEDs
  • Ergonomic
  • Glossy finish
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Best Value For Money ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse
  • Wireless
  • Max DPI - 2400DPI
  • Rechargeable
  • 6 Buttons
  • Ergonomic Design
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Best Vertical Grip Anker Optical Mouse
  • Wired
  • Max DPI - 1600
  • Very heavy - 5.3oz
  • On-the-fly DPI Button
  • Matte-Black exterior
  • Budget Option
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Best Vertical Mouse For Casual Gamers Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse
  • Wireless
  • Max DPI - 4000DPI
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Very Expensive
  • 5 Buttons
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Best Vertical Gaming Mice [year]: Reviews 

1. TRELC 5D Vertical Gaming Mouse 

Winner (Wired)

There’s no doubt that TRELC 5D is the best vertical mouse in the market because it is the only one that offers 10,000DPI.

Featured with a gaming-grade optical sensor and ergonomic design which is perfect for your wrist makes it quite easy for you to make up your mind about this one.

The 5D rocker on the top would be quite useless in some of the most competitive games but you’ll get used to it eventually. 

The glowing RGB lights on the bottom are also a good touch but I wouldn’t say that the placement is quite right.

However, the buttons on this odd-looking mouse are very well placed and you will have excellent control over your mouse thanks to its rubbery side grips. 

Let’s talk about the performance of this vertical mouse. Well, if you’re getting 10,000DPI then you can easily adjust the smoothness for each game and this is the only thing that you look for when buying a mouse other than it’s build quality and durability, of course.

Another perk of this upright gaming mouse is that it’s actually quite cheap and if you’re looking for a new experience and don’t want to spend too much then the TRELC 5D Vertical gaming mouse would be a wise choice.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Very Fast
  • Ideal for competitive gaming
  • Rocker is very fun to use


  • Not best for people with small hands

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2. Delux  Digital Vertical Gaming Mouse 

Runner-Up (Wired)

Delux Digital mouse is surely one of the most stylish vertical mice in the market because of its glossy exterior backed with eye-melting RGB lights are a sight for sore eyes.

The buttons are very well placed but the scroll wheel is an exception. Although most of the vertical mice feature an ergonomic shape I wouldn’t say the same about this one because wrist-rest is just terrible and hand posture is surely not ideal. 

Specification wise, Delux  Digital offers a max DPI of 4000DPI.

However, I would still recommend this one because it offers a lot of flexibility to the user with its programmable buttons.

One downside of all vertical mice is that all of them are quite big and not suited for left-handed people and if you’re either one of them then no vertical mouse is good enough for you.

Moving on, Delux  Digital also features a profile-memory function that allows you to save the settings for each game. 

The optical sensor of this vertical mouse isn’t the smoothest and you might face some drags that really aren’t ideal.

However, if you own a decent mouse pad then you really wouldn’t have to deal with such issues.

Lastly, the Delux  Digital Vertical gaming mouse is another good option for you if you’ve set your mind on getting a vertical mouse that can meet all your gaming needs. 


  • Plug n Play
  • 5ft long cable
  • Impressive build quality
  • DPI switch button


  • Weighs around 310g
  • Palm rest is just terrible

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3. ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse 

Best Value for Money (Wireless)

ZLOT Vertical gaming mouse would’ve been my first choice if only it could offer more than just 2400DPI resolutions.

ZLOT is one of the finest wireless gaming mice in the market that offers the best bang for the buck.

This vertical gaming mouse would cost you less than three cartons of milk and the best thing above this one is that it is truly outstanding when it comes to gaming. 

ZLOT Vertical gaming mouse is a tad bit smaller than most of the vertical gaming mouse listed here and it could be a viable option for people with smaller hands.

6 customizable buttons and rechargeable batteries are the biggest perks of this mouse. However, I wouldn’t say that the programmable buttons are very well placed because it’s actually quite difficult to press the awkwardly placed thumb buttons. 

The build quality is just average but the mouse itself is quite durable and will last for quite a while.

Lastly, ZLOT features an ergonomic design that offers a high comfort level for your hands and wrist which most vertical gaming mice lack. You can play for hours with this one without getting tired. 


  • Very Cheap
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Forward/Backward buttons
  • One year warranty


  • Bad drivers support

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4. Anker Ergonomic Vertical Mouse 

Best Vertical Grip 

Anker Ergonomic vertical mouse is the best-selling vertical mouse around the world.

It features an ergonomic design that is truly designed to offer a smoother experience with minimum wrist movement.

The Anker vertical mouse is also featured with a decent optical sensor that can operate on any smooth or hard surfaces but the only downside of this one is that it only offers a max DPI of 1600DPI resolutions. 

Anker vertical mouse is not advertised as a gaming mouse and it also offers very less DPI but still, this one is pretty good at casual gaming.

You’ll definitely be challenged in competitive games but if you’re more into RPGs and open-world type games then Anker is surely an excellent option. 

The design of this mouse is actually quite impressive. It is ideal for thumb placement which offers the best vertical grip.

Unlike, ZLOT, forward and backward buttons on the thumb rest are very well placed and make things quite easier to navigate. 

Another good thing about this one is that it is also very cheap and offers good value for the money. 


  • Truly ergonomic design
  • On-the-fly DPI button 
  • Nearly 5ft long cable
  • 18-months warranty


  • No RGB/LEDs elements
  • Only 1600DPI 

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5. Logitech MX Vertical Mouse 

Best Vertical Mouse for Casual Gamers

Logitech is the only major company that is introducing vertical mice in the market.

Logitech MX Vertical mouse is one of the most expensive and highest quality vertical mouse that you can find.

It features a max DPI resolutions of 4000 which offers the ideal sensitivity for gaming.

Logitech MX is a wireless vertical mouse that sits at an angle of 57° which they say is perfect for vertical grip but the deep thumb rest is a bit hard to grab on. 

Like all the other vertical mice, Logitech MX is only suited for right-handed people. The most impressive thing about this mouse is that it can be connected through Bluetooth as well as a Logitech unifying device.

Another thing that I liked the most about this one is that it can last for nearly 4-months on a single charge. 

It is quite expensive though. To get an idea of the price, consider this, you can either get your hands on this finely crafted vertical mouse or get yourself 2x delicious steaks from Micheal Jordan’s steak house. Either way, both of them are worth it. 


  • Premium build quality
  • Fast charging
  • Can be connected to up to 3 devices 
  • Cursor speed control 


  • Very expensive

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Is Vertical Mouse Good for Gaming?

A vertical mouse is very similar to a regular mouse when it comes to performance and durability. However, a vertical mouse is more ergonomic and offers a very relaxed posture for your hand and wrist which makes it quite easy to play long-hours without getting the fatigue. 

When it comes to gaming, a vertical mouse can never be as good as a regular one but because it offers more comfort, you’ll definitely prefer a vertical mouse over a standard one when you’ve played long enough with a vertical mouse.

Most of the vertical mice on the market are featured with top-class optical sensors and offer decent DPI that is enough to rule in the most competitive games. 

If you’re having wrist problems or finding it hard to find your sweet spot on your regular one then switching over to a vertical gaming mouse would be a wise choice. 

vertical gaming mouse review


These are the best vertical gaming mice that you can find on the market in [year] and if you’re on a quest for something that can meet all of your gaming needs then I suggest the TRELC Vertical Wired Mouse for gamers.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something for casual gaming and browsing on the side then Anker Optical Upright gaming mouse and Logitech MX Vertical wireless mouse are great options. 

But if you want those fancy glowing RGB lights then Delux Vertical gaming mouse will make your setup more attractive.

Lastly, anyone of these mice will be a good option if you’re looking for a new experience with an upright mouse.