Watch Latest Hollywood Movies Online with and 66Stage

If you are looking to catch up with the latest Hollywood movies online we have two services that you would love to visit.

In this post we will talk about 2 sites that provide you with a option to watch the latest Hollywood movies online, these sites do not host the content themselves and use services such as Veoh, MegaVideo, YouTube, Google Video, DivX Share, Youku, Tudou and more.

watch-movies-online is a great resource site to find the latest Hollywood movies online, they provide users with reviews and user feedbacks on the movies, along with providing users with several links to watch or download the movies.

Overall we would rate this website 7/10 for the community and resources.



66Stage is another nice site to find the latest Hollywood movies, though they do not have a community to share comments and reviews of the movies. It is definitely a exhaustive resource to find the latest Hollywood movies online.

Update: Before this post went live, Nirmal from Life Rocks posted more resources to view HQ DivX quality Hollywood movies online.

Disclaimer: We are in no way associated with the sites, we are only providing information about things that are already available. Please check your local copyright laws to determine if the sites are legal in your country.

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  • Keith,

    Thanks for this information. i always do google when i want to watch english movie. from now on will go to the above mentioned sites…

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      I watch my horror movies at

  • Misty

    Great information! For horror movies i goto

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    Cool information on movies! I watch my horror movies at

  • Misty

    Cool informaion! I watch my horror movies at

  • Frank

    Good sites, but there is a much larger selection with a great video search engine that looks at every movie and tv site on the web at

  • is one of the best out there.

  • chatpate

    I also like this website very much Very good for hollywood movies and they keep updating the links..

  • Zorna

    Nice but isnt the correct url ?

  • Phil

    The correct url is

  • Site with a lot of newer movies – alphabetized for easy navigation and access.

  • I think the watch-movies url has changed.

  • Ynon

    66stage is really good. I found them through ov guide. there are many other good websites out there there show a collection of all links like sreel on mp that has all online movies on it. I rather use them. they show 66stage links too… :)

  • There are so many website for watching online movies where you can download movies as well as watch online.

  • Really wish i knew what happened to that site i loved it so much .No need to pay , just open and browse through your favorite movie.
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  • Your review is really help me to get the reliable source to watch the latest movie, but I can open here. Thanks

  • Farmgrl

    Does anyone know what the heck happened to davidmovie .com That was my fav., now if you click watch it takes you to another site w/ fees. Every time you click you’ll go to different sites, use to bring up link then hit play. There is no contact for them to find out why, does anyone know its driving me crazy.

  • hello friends i love this site its have megavideo movies

  • tom simeon

    Have you got any new movies

  • some of the websites listed are not working anymore so i had to look for another movie sharing website . i have found that provides movies and tv shows for free in full lenght. you should checkit out if one of the alternatives are not working anymore.