Draw and Write on Google Maps With ScribbleMaps

Have you ever tried explaining someone how to reach a particular place in your city? Maybe, one of your friends will visit the town where you live and you want to give him a rough idea on the places that are worth visiting.

Google Maps is one of the best tools in such situations, but paired with Scribblemaps, it’s even better. The site let’s you draw directions and add text in any Google Map, and you can add arrows, shapes and other markers. This helps in adding more information to the map, and once it’s ready, you can save the map for later viewing.

Using Scribblemaps is quite simple, just head over to the homepage and zoom into a location in Google maps. Then use the menu bar to add text, arrows, shapes and directions.

Once you have added all the directions and markers, save the map, and you will be provided a unique ID of your customized map.

Source: freetech4teachers.com

Next, you have to choose a password so that you can edit the map at a later time.

Hit “Save” and you are done. You will be shown a link to your customized Google map, which can then be shared via email or other social networking sites (see example). You can also embed the customized map in your blog or website.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Scribblemaps is easy to use, adds value and is free from advertisements. No registrations or signups are required to use the service. It’s a perfect tool to add custom text and directions in a Google map.