WordPress Automatic Upgrade 1.2 Release

Update Feb 19th 2009: If you are having issues with upgrading WordPress 2.7 and above, or if WPAU is not displaying a nag to upgrade, we have released a newer version, please read the release post for WordPress Automatic Upgrade 1.2.5.

Update: WordPress Automatic Upgrade is completely compatible with WordPress 2.6, so go ahead and upgrade now. Enjoy.

Update 1:49 AM EST: Released to update user debug message to use forums instead of emailing me.

Update 2:36 AM EST: Released to fix a issue with Snoopy being instantiated twice on home page loads.

Update 2:46 AM EST: All download links for WPAU lead to the latest release, if you are a regular user you will receive a push update to upgrade the plugin to WordPress, please do that it’s mandatory.

Update Friday, July 18 8:30 PM EST: Pushed a new release 1.2.1 which allows users to skip files and database backup steps, this feature was requested by several users.

Update August 21st, 2008: Pushed a new released 1.2.2 to properly fix bugs, also added a new nag to the dashboard when files from old upgrade are not cleared out.

Matt really put me in a fix by releasing WordPress 2.6 almost a month ahead of the scheduled date, this definitely put several of my plans down the drain. That said this version upgrade is just a push release to fix critical bugs that users have been complaining about.

There will be a major release in the next week or two that will bring in a much needed interface changes I have been working on. That said here is a major revision that fixes several bugs and also improves in some areas.

WordPress Automatic Upgrade Consists of quite a few fixes as listed below:

Source: rswebsols.com
  • Fixed a major issue where plugins could not be activated, due to WP installation logging users out after upgrades.
  • Fixed a issue where users were not being able to download backup files when WordPress URL and Blog URL were different.
  • WordPress Automatic Upgrade will only run if your WordPress is out of date.
  • WPAU now uses Snoopy to download files rather than using regular PHP methods.
  • Added a WPAU Nag where users will see a message to start automatic upgrade if a new version is available.
  • Automatic Upgrade option will only be visible to Administrators.
  • Disabled Automated Mode.
  • Few other minor changes.

Unfortunately this version does not include fixes where WordPress Automatic Upgrade fails while putting the site into maintenance mode. I have posted a little workaround on the forum for such situations, allowing users to still use WPAU.

I request all the users of WPAU to use the support forum to post your bugs and feature requests, as it’s really painful for me to sift through 100s of mails and comments to find your bug.

Note: While re-activating plugins WordPress may log you out, but do not worry WPAU will take care of the logout and finish the upgrade like normal once you login, just remember to stay in the same browser instance you started the upgrade in.

The automated mode option has been disabled since I am working on a new interface which is much more interactive and worthwhile, so I am phasing out Automatic mode with this release. If anyone of you wants the automatic mode to still work contact me and I will send you the version with automatic mode enabled.

Well like I said there are several features I am leaving out of this release and will bundle it with the WordPress Automatic Upgrade 1.3 which I am working on. Here are a list of features that will be included in WordPress Automatic Upgrade 1.3.

    • A better user interface including verbose output where users will see what’s being done in real time.
    • Ability to skip certain tasks or run tasks on demand, so users can run file backups, database backups etc selectively.
    • Ability for users to choose the language of WordPress they want to download from.
    • Complete Internationalization support.
    • Cleanup of code to make WPAU more faster.

Also don’t forget to use the Support forum for WordPress Automatic Upgrade to send me your bugs and queries.

I have already pushed the latest release through WordPress Extend SVN Repository, so old users should see a notice to upgrade the plugin.

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