What Is GoogleCrashHandler.exe? Is It a Virus or Spyware?

One of our readers recently saw a suspicious file that was running on their system called GoogleCrashHandler.exe, and asked us what that file was and whether it was a virus or Spyware?

GoogleCrashHandler.exe is a helper file for the Google Update software, if you have Google Update installed on your system, you will see an instance of GoogleCrashHandler running when you visit the processes tab in Task manager.

Update: Google now has a help page that explains what GoogleCrashHandler.exe is for;

Source: botcrawl.com

GoogleCrashHandler.exe runs continuously on your computer if you’ve selected to send anonymous usage statistics and crash reports to Google for certain Google software, like Google Chrome. It helps send crash details to Google when your Google software unexpectedly shuts down. We use this data to help determine how to prevent these errors from happening in the future.

To stop GoogleCrashHandler.exe from running, turn off the sending of usage statistics and crash reports for all the Google software on your computer.

This file is neither a Virus nor a spyware, however if you want to get rid of it you will have to uninstall Google update from your PC.

Windows program installer is not the best way to remove programs, if you are looking for alternatives some of the excellent alternatives for uninstalling software from your PCs.

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