uTorrent 3.0 Beta Introduces Streaming, Comments, and Ratings

After a pretty long alpha phase, uTorrent 3.0 has finally moved onto the beta stage. In what is possibly the biggest update since the popular torrent client was released, BitTorrent Inc. has tried to make the process of downloading a torrent as simple as possible for novice users, while satisfying the needs of an advanced user.

uTorrent 3.0 features a host of new features. The most significant changes are:

1. Streaming

Source: softpedia.com

Unlike standard http files, torrents aren’t downloaded sequentially, which makes it pretty much impossible to start watching a movie while it is being downloaded. However, when streaming mode is enabled, uTorrent will prioritize downloading of chunks towards the beginning of the file to enable the user to view the content as it is being downloaded. This is quite similar to BitComet’s “Preview Download Mode”.

2. Comments and Ratings

Now, it is possible to rate and comment on torrent files you have downloaded. The idea is that this will help users in avoiding fake and malicious torrents.

3. uTorrent Remote

Source: icuccok.hu

uTorrent remote makes it possible to add, delete, and control your downloads from anywhere using the Android app. uTorrent had earlier released an iPhone app too; however, it was banned from the app store by Apple.

4. Send

With this new feature, you can send a torrent to your friend directly from uTorrent. uTorrent will create a web link for the torrent, and also package the uTorrent client, so that your friend can download the file even if he isn’t familiar with torrents. You can also send files in a similar fashion.

5. Extensions

Source: file-extensions.org

The new version allows the installation of third-party uTorrent apps, which are nothing but extensions. These apps can do anything from providing access to content like lectures from the Khan Academy, to plotting peers on an interactive map.

uTorrent 3.0 beta boasts of several other improvements including a portable mode, and speed, performance, and stability improvements. You can download the beta from here. However, keep in mind that beta software can be prone to problems. BitTorrent Inc. warns that the 64bit version is a lot more unstable than the 32 bit version.