Better Comments Manager Just Got Better

Thank you for the overwhelming response in using the Better Comments Manager plugin, I have had downloads since its release and also received a lot of feedbacks and thanks for the plugin. To be quite frank I have made very good use of it and love it myself :).

Here is my way to say thanks to you all. Am releasing another version of Better Comments Manager which incorporates few suggestions to make it better. Thanks to all of you who have helped make this plugin better with your views, suggestions and feedbacks.

Better comments manager v1.2 incorporates the reply feature within the page. It also display the title of the post instead of the View link. I had read about this on Lorelle’s blog so thought it to be a worthwhile inclusion.

You can turn this feature of by editing the plugin and changing the value of the variable $showLinkTitle

If you want to display the link title change the variable value to 1 as shown below

$showLinkTitle = 1;

If you do not want to see the title change the value to 0 as shown below

$showLinkTitle = 0;

Ok now the feature many of you requested me to incorporate which would allow you to reply to the comments without loading another page has been added. You can now reply to comments from within the page itself. The reply text area will appear when you click on the reply link, you can add your reply and click on the Save Reply button, you will see a small message telling you that the reply is being added as shown below

Once the reply is saved it will appear as the first comment within the page, so you do not have to reload the page to see it.

Better Comments Manager also has a smart feature. If you have already clicked on a reply and not saved it yet, when you click on the reply for another comment it will show you an alert asking you whether you want to cancel the old reply. If you click yes it will clear the old reply and add a new reply form to the second comment.

Better Comments manager creates the reply form dynamically so it will not affect page load times. Check out the Better Comments Manager release page for more information about the plugin.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the plugin and unzip it in your plugins folder.
  • Activate the plugin and your up and running
  • Go to Comments tab in your WP admin and navigate to Better Comments Manager to start using the reply feature

If you have already downloaded and installed this plugin, first do these steps and re-install the plugin using the steps above

  • Deactivate Better Comments Manager from the Admin Plugin Panel
  • Delete the old files and follow the steps above

Change  Log

  • Version 1.2 released Wednesday, May 16th 2007
  • Version 1.0 released Sunday, May 13th 2007


All files and their contents are licensed under the General Public License(GPL).


If you feel this plugin has helped you can leave a small donation towards further plugin development.