Tumblr Now Lets You Upload Videos

WordPress is a really great tool for full time blogging but if you are looking for a rather quicker and shorter blogging experience, nothing beats Tumblr. You can also think of Tumblr as a micro-blogging service but with plenty of features. You could always insert links, images, and audio to your Tumblr blog but the only way to add a video was to embed it using a service like YouTube or Vimeo.

Source: clipchamp.com

Now, it seems like Tumblr just got their hands on a lot of extra bandwidth because they are allowing users to upload a video on their Tumblr blog right from their computer. Each video file can be up to 100 MB in size, however, should not exceed a 5 minute time limit. This is not bad for an average Tumblr user because it is primarily used for short content anyways. If you want to upload a video of more than 5 minutes you’ll just have to use a service like YouTube or Vimeo. Most of the videos you upload to Tumblr don’t need transcoding and as a result, appear in your blog right away.

Recently, Tumblr has been quiet active in adding new features to their platform and with a multitude of Tumblr clients now available, it seems to be on the right path to become huge, though, it already isn’t bad with over 2 Million posts a day and 1 Billion pageviews each month.