5 Reasons Why Investing in Team Building Activities Is a Key to Long-Term Business Success (2024)

Corporate jobs are stressful, and your colleagues are the best people who understand your work-related worries. Hence interacting with your colleagues and spending quality time with them is a must if you want a stress-free work life.

If you are the team leader or manager in a corporate setting, you must build good bonds within your team. So if you are planning on organizing some team-building events, you can check out some corporate team-building activities.

Why Is It A Great Idea To Invest In Team Building Activities

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If a team leader takes no steps to combat falling morale, corporate bitterness, and lack of coordination among his team members then ultimately the company suffers. So to build a team that keeps unlocking achievements year after year, it is essential to pay attention to their mental health and well-being.

Corporate team-building events prioritize the employee’s mental health and help the company’s long-term growth.

It Boosts The Morale Of The Employees

Corporate work life is filled with successes and failures. Your company may crack an important deal one day and miss out on another the very next day. So regular morale-boosting events are essential if you want your employees to give their hundred percent every single day.

For instance, if your employees are feeling down about their achievements, you can take them out for a voluntary service outing. When people meet others with much greater misfortunes, they realize their privileges and opportunities.

Moreover, voluntary service can make people feel great about themselves. It can spread positive vibes and can immediately energize your employees. So it is always a good idea to have a tie-up with a charitable organization like a center for orphan kids or an old age home. If you have a tie-up with a charitable organization, you can readily organize monthly or yearly trips for your employees.

Giving The Employees A Sense Of Trusteeship

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If your employees feel that they are not valued and their opinions are not acknowledged, then they will only think of narrow individual interests. However, if they are made to feel like equal partners or trustees in the company, then they will have a greater concern for the company’s well-being.

Corporate team activities where the boss takes part with the team can give a sense of trusteeship. If you play fun games like “What’s my name” where you describe the attributes of a particular employee for another to guess his name, it breaks hierarchies.

If the barriers between hierarchies are broken, people will be more open to giving suggestions to their bosses. They will also be more responsive to the instructions given by their immediate seniors. All this can greatly improve the company’s productivity and give good returns.

Building Greater Inter-Departmental Coordination

Corporate teams usually work in small groups of five or six members. The members of a team are directly answerable to their immediate bosses. So there is very little communication between a person from the IT team and a person from the finance team. However, greater inter-departmental coordination helps the employees better realize the company’s vision and mission.

When a company organizes interdepartmental meets, be it in the form of a cricket match or a cook-off challenge, it leads to great camaraderie. Also, when people from different departments talk to each other, they understand each other’s problems in a better manner.

All this makes the overall working of the company run more smoothly and with minimal roadblocks.

Reduces Chances Of Workplace Politics

Workplace politics increases due to misunderstanding and lack of communication. When people are stressed, they may end up shouting at or belittling others. However, such instances can leave long-lasting grudges in people’s minds. So when group activities occur, people can see the fun side of all people, which resolves many grudges.

So the next time you see a little cold war brewing between two people, organize a team event and place them on the same team. When people participate in fun activities as a team, they can become great friends and forget all the grudges that they once held.

You Get To Know People’s Unknown Skills

As a boss, you may have hired a person who met the job description perfectly. However, he may have some great skills that you may be unaware of. A company always needs people with great soft skills, and team-building activities are a great way to spot soft skills.

You may be unaware of a person’s problem-solving abilities or leadership skills, but a treasure hunt may make you aware of them.

Some Common Team Building Activities That You Can Organize

Team building activities are essential, but organizing the right event in the correct location is also vital. So some tips for organizing some great team-building exercises are listed here.

  • Cricket matches, departmental quizzes, and a laser tag team challenge if you wish to build inter-departmental coordination.
  • The beer-making challenge, karaoke night, or going for a simple picnic if the purpose is to relieve the stress after a tough deal.
  • Treasure hunts, jigsaw puzzles, mystery dinners, and setting up a camp if the aim is to find out a person’s problem-solving abilities.

Apart from the activities that have been discussed, multiple other events can be organized depending on your budget. If you think that organizing the right event is difficult, then you can always take help from professionals to organize the event for you. There are professional companies that organize great events, and that too on a budget.

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Organizing a team-building event is fruitful in several ways. It helps resolve conflicts and builds coordination between the employees and also the departments. It also helps discover hidden talents and relieve stress.

So investing in team building events can give you great returns in terms of better employee productivity and coordination among the teams. Moreover, fun events like office picnics and cricket matches can build long-lasting bonds that can result in great friendships and a sense of belonging to the company.