Revamp Your Web Design: Tips for Increasing ROI and Driving Business Growth

When an individual decides to purchase a brand’s product, the first thing they do is check its credibility, especially if it is a new business. The credibility of a business and the quality of its services can be determined by checking its reviews on different platforms and social media handles. However, the most reliable way to determine a brand’s reliability is to ensure it has a website.

A web page is the most critical aspect of a company’s digital presence. So, you must design it properly by taking help from web design orange county. These professional web developers know how to customize a website to their customer’s needs. By taking expert help you can easily communicate with the audience, share your values, increase sales and ROI, and satisfy your business goals.

So let’s discuss how you can increase your ROI and drive business growth by revamping the web design.

Communicate Your Brand’s Message


A web page is an easy and effective tool to communicate your brand’s message to the target audience. While designing your web page, remember that it is not for you but for your audience. Create it while keeping your audience’s preferences and requirements in mind. If you do otherwise, it might not be as effective.

Since a website is a great way to communicate your values and ideas with the public, use it properly. Identify what your audience wants and develop a creative message keeping those points in mind. You can either create an image post, a short video, or an e-book. Remember how you deliver the message, as it also plays a critical role in determining a site’s effectiveness.

Utilize Every Website Design Element

If you wish to create a site that intrigues people to buy your product or avail of your service, use every web design element to its best capacity. Some critical components to pay attention to include color, layout, fonts, and typography. However, don’t forget to consider your business goals while designing the site.

For instance, if you’re an insurance firm, designing a website loaded with colors and designs is not a great idea. Your audience belongs to the above-30 age group and is not looking for aesthetics. Instead of using many colors and design elements, it is better to create a simple page with colors. However, the logo and message must be crisp and witty to attract the right audience.

If you’re a designer, align your brand colors with the logo and website. Pick colors that evoke certain emotions in people and compel them to think.

Simple and Short Checkout Process


Nowadays, people live fast-paced lives. They prefer buying things online as it saves the pain of visiting a store and checking every item. So, they don’t want to waste the time they have left on a long and painful checkout process. As a new business, you should understand this mindset and ensure your buying process is not too long, as it will persuade users to leave the website.

If you take help from professional designers, they will teach you about the conversion or sales funnel, which tracks their navigation flow of converting a potential customer into paying one. This knowledge will help you in creating an ideal website that makes it easier for people to buy things.

Providing the audience with a positive User Experience (UX) significantly impacts sales. If the website takes too long to load, it is not mobile-friendly, and the buying procedure is lengthy, you might lose around 68% of the visitors as they might think the brand doesn’t care enough about them.

Create an Intuitive Website Layout

Another crucial tip to increase ROI and drive your business’s growth is to create an intuitive layout for the site. You must also have noticed that a powerful and attractive website with a great design can impact the user experience and your brand’s goodwill.

So, take help from professionals to create an intuitive layout. Keep it simple, attractive, and basic. Don’t include more than optimal options in the drop-down menu. Instead, experiment with different layouts and do split testing to determine which one shows the right results. You can talk to friends and colleagues and show them the website for more insights.

No one likes a cluttered design. Whether it is a beauty web page or a creative network like Behance, users want something simple and basic, so it is easy to find what they are looking for. You can refer to the competitor’s website to check how they have structured all the elements and not make similar mistakes while designing yours.

Make it Easier for Users to Navigate


When designing a website, remove any excuse for an individual to leave it. Eliminate every element that makes the page cluttery and hard to navigate. It is so because if the user cannot find what they are looking for within the first few seconds, they will leave the site. It will negatively impact your brand in the audience’s mind, and they will be unwilling to give you another chance.

Take help from professionals to create a well-organized design that makes user interaction easier and quick. Include the navigation menu on top of the screen and the chat box at the bottom so users can easily communicate and buy. A simple design avoids confusion, improves search engine rankings, and increases conversion rates.

Wrapping Up

Creating a website, keeping the user experience in check, is the best way to design a page where users enjoy, create positive associations, and engage in purchases. As a designer, understand the importance of each design tool and harness the power of content to build brand awareness, gain trust, improve SEO and ranking, and take your business to heights.

Whether you are improving an already-existing website or building one from scratch, it is a good idea to take professional help. Since the experts are updated with the ever-evolving technology and customer requirements, they will help you create a design that reduces risks, improves efficiency, and generates more sales.