Razer Basilisk Vs. Logitech G502: Differences [What’s Better]

Razer Basilisk vs Logitech G502 – what are the main differences and which mouse is better for gaming? Let’s take a closer look and review how these two compare in DPI, sensors, connection, weight, size, and price

Razer Basilisk vs. Logitech G502: Quick Comparison

Logitech G502
  • Suitable for Chrome, Windows and OS Mac
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Scroll wheel is stiff & sometimes difficult to scroll but easy to adapt
  • Sensors are not very sensitive & may cause delay
  • Wired
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WINNER Razer Basilisk
  • Suitable for only Windows and Mac
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Scroll wheel is easy to use, not stiff and efficient
  • Sensors are optically designed to enhance speed when clicking
  • Wireless
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Difference Basilisk G502

Differences between Razer Basilisk and Logitech G502

Flexibility with long and short hands

Everyone should be put as a priority as far as gaming is concerned. The choice of the mouse to use leaves most people stranded because they cannot tell whether Razer Basilisk is better than Logitech G502 or the other way around.

However, there are certain features like having short and small hands that make the Razer suitable in terms of use compared to the Logitech counterpart which is exclusively endowed with tough buttons in reach.

Their differences in OS

It should be noted that Razer Basilisk supports Windows and isn’t very Mac friendly. On the other hand, Logitech G502, Logitech software is completely compatible with them, operating system notwithstanding.

Scroll wheel and rolling effect

When the user is not sure about how to compare the two gaming mice, one of the features that distinguish them is the scrolling wheel.

The Razer mouse is a bit stiff and pushing when scrolling becomes a little of a problem to the user. On the other hand, the Logitech mouse is easy to scroll as the wheel is not stiff and cannot be a problem while scrolling.

This is one of the features that makes the Razer mouse very popular compared to the Logitech one although there is still a wide group of people who prefer Logitech stiff mouse over the Razer one.

Their levels of sensitivity

The Logitech mouse sensor is not adaptive in sensing compared to the Razer mouse. One of the features that make mice suitable for speed and efficiency is the ability to sense and respond to click instantly.

Unfortunately, the Logitech mouse has to be clicked on a number of times before sensing. This may cause a lot of delay especially in gaming and most people would not want such an encounter.

They want instant sensing mouse like Razer as it will improve their speed and efficiency in gaming compared to Logitech G502. 


The DPI adjustment of the two mice is different as Logitech G502 supports a performance of up to 12,000 DPI while Razer Basilisk supports a performance of up to 16,000DPI.

The authenticity and strength of sensors also differs in the sense that the accuracy and precision of Razer is slightly higher compared to that of Logitech.

Although both mice are generally effective in DPI adjustment and averagely fair on sensory precision, one can easily tell the difference after using Razer and then shifting to Logitech.


The connection of Razer Basilisk is wired through a USB anatomy system. No other connection can be applicable on this mouse as far as wiring is concerned.

Logitech G502 is a wireless mouse. The mouse is not connected with the help of USB system neither jack ports. It is wireless and the speed of effectiveness in terms of sensing and accuracy cannot be affected.


Logitech mouse is bigger in size than the Razer Basilisk. Logitech weighs 258g/9.10 oz on average while the Razer Basilisk is 107g/3.77oz.

Although the two are designed to be operated by right-handed individuals, the Logitech device has a total of 11 buttons compared to Razer mouse which has only 8 buttons. In this regard, the size differs and that can be noted at first sight when comparing the devices.

Which gaming mouse is better?

Different people have different preferences in regard to the use of mouse in gaming. There are unique features in each and everyone has their own reasons for the choice they opt.

However, there are also distinct features and capacities of a mouse that makes it suitable for a particular group of people with specific needs and certain times.

That is why some features make a mouse suitable for use than the other one.  The Razer Basilisk, for instance, is suitable for people who require speed in gaming. The scroll wheel is not stiff and this increases efficiency while scrolling.

It also has accurate sensory ability and performance compared to the Logitech G502 mouse.

The Razer is also better for users who don’t need to be very close to the computer or the gaming device, being a wireless device makes it very suitable to operate from a distance but within range.

It is also easy to charge and the battery life is longer than Logitech G502. On the other hand, people with long hands are better of using the Logitech G502 mouse.

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Razer Basilisk Vs. Logitech G502: And the winner is…

After reviewing both mice we can see that their level of performance and efficiency is different.

Although they can generally perform to meet basic gaming satisfaction for the customer, Razer Basilisk is better than Logitech G502 gaming mouse.

The aforementioned features of the Razer brand are evident of the fact that it can perform better, achieve better performance and increase efficiency and speed for the user in gaming. It is therefore considered better than the Logitech G502 mouse.