Eight Pros And Cons Of Hiring Temporary Workers For Your Business

In today’s world, there is a big difference between the people who are applying for jobs and the vacant positions. Even if positions are vacant, people want their jobs to pay well, while on the other hand, employers want to make sure that their investments in newcomers are worth it, causing a lot of confusion and competition. With the rise of such situations in the past few years, many companies have tried opting for temporary employees.

Temporary employees or workers are those the company hires for a short time. Also, it has worked beneficially for those workers who wanted to add a few months of experience to their resumes. Reading below, you will better understand the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a temporary worker.

4 Pros Of Hiring Temporary Workers For Your Business

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Even though temporary workers are a new concept, it is reasonably advantageous for both parties. You can get temporary workers from any agency like Northern Virginia Temp Agency, who will do the selection process for you. Opting for temporary employees immediately cuts off the extra time and investment you need to make to hire employees, be it one or many. Below is a list of the top four advantages of hiring temporary workers.

1. Immediate Availability

Most of the unemployed youth are searching for jobs on a daily basis and apply for empty positions all the time. The agencies thoroughly research these people and select relevant people for the job. Regardless of the time of the year, the agency keeps a list of people who are available to take such short-time jobs. It ensures the availability of such people in the industry, meaning that you can immediately get skilled and qualified people for the job for whatever time period you require.

2. Better Productivity

Those working on a particular project for some time can finish the project with good output earlier than those working on multiple projects. With temporary employees, you would notice that the productivity during work hours for that particular project would be better in comparison to regular employees. It also means that you would require less time and money for that project.

3. Avoid Unemployment Claims

Regular employees are liable for unemployment claims when they leave their jobs or get fired. This claim varies in every place, and the government determines the eligibility for this claim. But this claim and similar guidelines for regular workers do not apply to temporary workers. Therefore if you do not like the employee’s work or have other budget or time issues, you do not have to worry about any unemployment claims.

4. Try Out Your Employee

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At times hiring new workers for regular jobs can be risky as even though they qualify with the skills and certificates, they still need to learn how to apply them. One needs to be flexible in using their skills and knowledge for their work, and being unable to do so requires one to go through rigorous training. It is a significant drawback with regular employees, but it works differently in the case of temporary workers. You can observe the temporary workers for some time and hire them for full time or end the working period accordingly.

4 Cons Of Hiring Temporary Workers For Your Business

While going through the pros, you would realize that temporary workers provide more amazing benefits, but every coin has two sides. Therefore it might be beneficial, but you should thoroughly go through the cons as well to make a final decision on whether they are truly beneficial or not. Below is a list of the top four cons of hiring temporary workers.

1. Safety Issues

Temporary workers have as much experience as newbies when working on the site. That is because they are temporary and working in a new environment, which creates more possibilities of mistakes and mishaps occurring on a daily basis. Though they would get solved with time if their project is short termed, it would be a daily occurrence for the above safety issues.

2. Lack Of Teamwork

Temporary workers, wherever they go, are needed for a short time. It is why they are more susceptible to working on their own than engaging with the time for the same. It is an issue, especially when there are problems the worker is experiencing, but they are unable to communicate because of the lack of teamwork and effort for the same from their side. It can be an even bigger problem if the project requires mixed contributions and a significant portion of decision-making depends on the communication of the team.

3. Training Period Required

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It is not necessary for the temporary worker to have enough work experience or flexibility to work in a new environment or database. To make the worker comfortable and skilled in the new environment, they need to undergo specific training for some period. While it sounds like a simple solution, a lot of time, money and trainers are invested in the process. The training period in itself is not an issue but the need to train every temporary worker is what causes most of the trouble.

4. Higher Pay Scale

The temporary workers have lesser job security than an average regular worker and working time, due to which they demand higher pay. Because they don’t have enough working time and aren’t sure when they’ll be employed next, they avoid getting employed at lower wages. Not to mention that one can find temporary employees almost immediately and that they do not get additional benefits like regular workers are also some reasons for the high paying scale.


A lot of planning goes into the process of obtaining, completing and presenting a particular project. To complete the tasks, one needs readily available, skilled employees who can concentrate on that project more. To accomplish all of these tasks at once, a temporary worker would be more eligible than a regular one. But at the end of the day, the decision depends on your requirements and priorities for the project.