HP Printer Software Not Installing. HP Installer Option Plug-in Has Stopped Working [Fix]

Recently while installing the HP Print software suite for the HP 2840 All-in-one printer, I hit a roadblock where the installer quit giving the error;

HP Installer Option Plug-in has stopped working.

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

The extended attributes are inconsistent.

After hitting ok, I was shown another error which said;

HP Installer Recovery plug-in has stopped working.


This problem was totally freaking me out, since I had to scan a document on the printer and could not accomplish the task unless the print software was installed. However after some research I was able to fix the problem and install the software and finally get the document scanned.

Solution for HP Print Software Not Installing

Though this problem is not unique and may happen with any print software supplied by HP, the cause of the problem lies in IE8. If you have IE8 beta installed on your PC, the print software runs into a conflict and gets the above error.

In order to get over the problem, you will have to uninstall IE8 beta and restart the PC before installing the software.

Once you have done the uninstall and restart, the software will install properly without any errors, hopefully this should help solve the problems for many of you who run across this problem.