How to fix Error 0xc00007b?

If you get an error message like “The application was unable to start correctly,” it means you’re trying to launch a game or software and something isn’t quite right. If you want to get rid of this error, which is one of the most prevalent problems among computer users, you’ve come to the right spot, because We have discussed the most common causes of this bothersome error, as well as your activities that may have caused it and how to fix error 0xc000007b.

Error 0xc00007b

What is application Error 0xc00007b?

The 0xc000007b error code denotes an improper visual format, which is frequently caused by missing or corrupt system or application files. NVIDIA or other brand graphics card drivers are the most typical source of this problem. However, there could be a variety of additional causes for this problem. For example, it could be forced segmentation of updates, wrongly shutting down the computer, or attempting to erase data by deleting them instead of properly removing them. Furthermore, an issue in Microsoft Visual C++, Direct X, or.NET Framework apps could trigger the error.

How can we fix Error 0xc00007b?

Method 1: Reinstall the program you’re attempting to execute.

If the error number is due to an application error, you can resolve it by reinstalling the program you’re trying to execute.

  • To begin, uninstall it and erase all software associated with it from your computer.
  • Then, before beginning the reinstallation, restart the computer.
  • Please disable antivirus software during installation.

Method 2: Download and install the most recent version of the.NET Framework.

  • Select Control Panel from the “Start” menu, then Programs and Features.
  • On the left panel, select “Turn Windows features on or off.” A window called “Windows Features” appears.
  • Find and select.NET Framework 3.5 in the “Windows Features” window, then click OK. The download and installation process will then begin.
  • Check to see if the error has been resolved by restarting the machine. Continue reading if this method does not resolve the 0xc000007b application error.

Method 3: DLL Update

The 0xc000007b error will happen if the file xinput1 3.dll is corrupted or overwritten with an incompatible version. It’s a little more difficult to fix the mistake by updating the DLL, because this technique requires replacing 32-bit xinput1 3.dll with an appropriate version on the C drive.

  • Download the 32-bit xinput1 3.dll and use a compression tool to extract the files. The xinput1 3.dll file is normally found in the C:WindowsSysWOW64 folder.
  • Copy and paste the file retrieved from the downloaded file to the following location:C:WindowsSysWOW64.
  • If you get a prompt, choose “Copy and Replace.”

Method 4: Reinstall all Microsoft Visual C++ runtime packages using the following steps:

Windows applications rely heavily on Microsoft Visual C++ runtime packages. Programs can’t work normally if they’re not properly installed, and they’ll report numerous errors, including the application error 0xc000007b.

  • Select “Control Panel” from the “Start” menu. Then, in the control panel, look for “Uninstall a program” and click it.
  • Uninstall all Microsoft Visual runtime components from your computer. Restart compute after that.
  • Download and install each of the visual runtime packages from Microsoft’s official website. The installation process necessitates many restarts of the computer.

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