Too Many Birthday Wishes On Your Facebook Wall? Here is How To Automate Your Thank You Message

You know that moment. It’s your birthday, the clock gets past 12:00 a.m and your Facebook wall is ambushed by birthday messages and wall posts from friends. It feels great when 167 friends have wished you “Happy birthday” on Facebook but at the same time, it is really painful to thank each one of them.

Painful in the sense that you have many contacts on Facebook who are no more than “acquaintances”; you rarely interact with them or know them personally. Yet, they wish you on your birthday and not acknowledging their post with a “Thank you” message is loutish and may be considered as ill mannered.

These days, Facebook is a really big issue with lot of netizens. Things like not replying to a comment, not responding to an instant message or not interacting for a long time is considered “avoidance”. This behavior affects relationships, especially if both players are equally savvy about Facebook.

One way to get over this situation is to publish a wall post e.g “Thanks everyone for wishing me happy birthday”. I’ve seen some of my Facebook friends do this but you know what? This ain’t funny and it proves that you’re too lazy not to respond to each birthday wall post personally.


However, here is a little hack which you can use to automatically reply to birthday wall posts on Facebook with your own custom “Thank you” message. Your friends, (who have wished you “Happy birthday” on Facebook) will have no clue that your reply was posted automatically. I know this sounds cheap but if you want to get over the formal mannerism and save yourself from the control v frustration, this is perfect.

First, go to the Say Thank you app page on Facebook and grant the application all the required permissions.

Once you’re through, the app will automatically scan your birthday date and year from your Facebook profile. Verify the details and proceed to the next step.

Now you will be asked how you want to thank your Facebook friends when they post a “Happy birthday” message on your timeline (wall). You can choose any of the following options:

  • Comment: The app will post a comment on the “Happy birthday” wall post on your behalf.
  • Comment and like: The app will like the wall post and post a comment on your behalf.
  • Like: The app will like all the birthday wall posts o your Facebook profile.
  • Wall post: The app will reply with a counter wall post on your behalf.

All set? Hit next and done!


This is important. The app will find all the old wall posts on your Facebook wall and post a comment on your behalf. This might start a chain of likes, counter likes and comments so use this app only when you’ve not responded to a birthday wall post.

For example: my birthday was on 14th last month, I used this app today and here is what happened.

Fun, right? Hard to believe we are entering an age where people post automatic birthday wishes and there is also an app to automatically reply to those wishes. Did I mentioned that you can post to Facebook from your grave?

If you ask me, I prefer to reply each friend personally no matter how much time it takes. But maybe, that’s just me.