Top Search Engines For Finding / Downloading MP3 Files

Google is one of the best search engines today and you can find almost anything using it. That said it is better to search things on a dedicated search engine. In this post we will list out some of the best search engines you can use to find MP3 files.


skreemr-logo Skreemr is one of the best dedicated MP3 search engine that will allow you to find and play mp3 files. Their search results allow you to directly play the mp3 from within the results itself, providing you with album info and ratings for the song.

Skreemr will display results from various sites which host MP3 files. If you are looking to find your favorite song this is one search engine which will definitely help you find it.

Skreemr also comes with it own Firefox Plugin making it easier for you find MP3 files without visiting the site. Download the plugin from here.


mp3realm-logo MP3Realm is another dedicated mp3 search engine, but in addition to the other search engines MP3Realm allows you to create your personal account to store playlists and search results. You can directly add the song to your playlist from the search results and access the playlists from anywhere.

In addition to MP3 files you can also use it to search for lyrics and perform advanced searches.


bee-mp3-logoBeeMp3 is a dedicated MP3 search engine to search for songs. You can use BeeMP3 to search for artists, songs or albums. In addition to that they also have a listing of World Top 10, US Top 10 and Euro Top 10 music charts on their home page allowing you to easily find the best music.


espew-logo eSpew is another search engine dedicated for finding MP3 files. eSpew also allows you to create playlists and view lyrics for a song, along with alphabetical listing of their archive files. The also have a toolbar which you can use to directly search for files from the browser.


hushie-logo Hushie is another search engine dedicated to find MP3 files, just key in the artist, album or song you are looking for and search. The search results for hushie are displayed in detailed format making it more simplistic than the other MP3 search engines.

Other Notable MP3 Search Engines

Music Search Plus – An Ajax based MP3 search engine.

MP3 Search Lizard – A search engine with better classification of songs.

Cool Toad – A search engine to find latest Bollywood songs, Bollywood remixes, Indian Classical and Indian Regional songs.

MP3 Babu – Indian, Bollywood and Pakistani music search engine.

Find Mp3s – A search engine with listing of authors alphabetically.

Bonus Tip: You can also use Google to search direct downloads for MP3 files by using the search term “keyword” intitle:index.of mp3 -html -htm -php -asp -txt -pls. In the search term simply replace the keyword with whatever you want to search for.

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