Craigslist Testing Embedded Maps for Housing Ads

A few days ago, we covered the CLMapper extension for Google Chrome that lets you view maps for housing listings on Craigslist. Mapping with Craigslist house listings is getting serious by the day. There was an excellent service called PadMapper, which displayed maps against Craigslist house listings. However, Craigslist sent them a cease and desist letter, and put them out of the picture. Although not clear at that time, the move is making sense now as Craigslist is finally testing its own map integration with house listings.

craigslist_LogoCraigslist is testing its housing listing with maps from OpenStreetMaps at San Francisco, Oregon and Portland. The map view shows a simple map with a marker at the supposed house location. Compared to what PadMapper was offering, the Craigslist mapping test is quite bland and does not offer any advanced capabilities like searching in the neighborhood.

Craigslist, which is known for its openness and user-friendliness, took a detestable decision of filing a copyright infringement against PadMapper. It also sued 3Taps, the company providing data to PadMapper. When Craigslist learned that 3Taps gets its data from scraping Craigslist, it even went to the extent of declaring exclusive rights to user-posted listings. This meant that the same user could not put up a listing on Craigslist and any other classified website. This was a disastrous move and Craigslist backed down soon.

After this game of cat and mouse, Craigslist is finally testing its own mapping. Craigslist clearly saw the popularity of PadMapper and realized what it was missing. Perhaps, this whole episode was an eye-opener for Craigslist. Moreover, kudos to them for choosing OpenStreetMaps over Google Maps.


View Craigslist House Listings on Google Maps with CLMapper

If you live(d) in the U.S. you might have used or heard about Craigslist at some point of time. Craigslist is an online classified website which lets you sell or buy almost anything. It is a service which has been useful in finding used furniture, house for rent and more.

However, Craigslist is very simple as is and does not provide users with an intuitive interface that we are used to in several other services on the Internet, specially when it comes to apartment hunting. Previously, one of my favorite service, which I have used several times to find housing; PadMapper, used to provide a interface to map Craigslist house listings on a map. Unfortunately, Craigslist sent them a cease and desist to stop using data from the website.

While that in itself led several users to revolt at Craigslist, the revolt led to nothing and Padmapper will no longer show Craigslist listing on their site. Nevertheless, Craigslist is still useful for finding apartments and if you are a Padmapper user or are looking to view Craigslist listing on a map, you can use a simple Chrome listing which does something similar.

A Google Chrome Extension called CLMapper will allow you to view Craigslist posts on Google maps while you are browsing house listings Craigslist.

CLMapper Craigslist Apartment Mapper

Once you install the extension, you will be able to view all the apartments on an adjoining map as seen in the screenshot above. Clicking on the map will take you to the original Craigslist listing. This is definitely a useful PadMapper alternative because it allows you to only view apartments in a particular area and not browse through everything.

One thing I noticed that this extension does not work in all cities right now. For example, it does not work for New York. However, it does work for other cities/states like New Jersey and Phoenix.

Download CLMapper

Craigslist Charitable Fund Donates $100,000 to the Perl Foundation

The Perl Foundation has received its seemingly largest donation of $100,000 from the Craigslist Charitable Fund. This donation will be used towards the maintenance of Perl 5. Craigslist is built mostly using Perl, and it uses many other open-source technologies.


Craigslist is so popular in its niche that it was mentioned on this episode of The Big Bang Theory, where Sheldon wants to buy Uranium, online.

The President of the Perl Foundation, Karen Pauley, expressed his gratitude to the Craigslist Charitable Fund, saying,

This generous donation will allow us to improve the Perl 5 Core and the work done with the Core Maintenance Fund, as well as sponsor a range of Perl 5 related activities through grants and initiatives already in existence and in the community.

The Perl Foundation has received heft donations earlier. donated $50,000 to the Perl Foundation in 2008, and Liquid Web, a web hosting company donated $10,000 to the Perl Foundation in September last year. However, development of Perl has slowed down considerably over the last decade, with new versions primarily resolving bug fixes, and including minor syntax changes. This donation should be a boost for the Perl Foundation, and should help it revamp the development of the “duct tape of the Internet”.

Perl is released under the GNU GPL and the Artistic License. It is an extremely dynamic, flexible and (perhaps the most) powerful programming language. It truly deserves these donations, and much more love.

How To Unblock Craigslist From Work/School ?

IT departments at some companies and schools are more strict than others when it comes to browsing. If your workplace or school has blocked access to Craigslist as a part of their policy, here are a couple of things that will work.

The first option is to try some general methods that would work for 90% of the users like using a proxy or playing around with your IP. But if nothing works, just head over to CraigLook is like a mirror site to Craigslist that has all the CraigsList’s content but with tons of extra features.

CraigLook lets you search Craigslist by simply entering your zip code and the keyword you are looking for. For example “TV” in “Dallas” would automatically scan all the listings and grab the ones that have the keyword TV. It will show you total number of results along with the results in each category such as “Sale’, “Jobs” , “Services’ e.t.c. You can check the box next to any of the categories to only include results from that category.

You can also restrict search results by specifying the radius you want to search in and even specify a price range you are looking to be in. You can also choose to hide listings that don’t have an image and sort the results based on date or price. CraigLook also displays information for new items from

However, the most useful features of CraigLook is the ability to save your search and even set up alerts so you receive an email any time a new listing matches your specified criteria. CraigLook can also be used to post new listings without actually going to CraigsList.

NotiFinder: Set Up Email Alerts For Relevant Craigslist Postings

Craigslist is one of the most popular and effective classifieds website. However, visiting the site again and again and going through hundreds of listings just to look for that one particular thing doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. NotiFinder is a dead simple app that changes that by emailing you relevant listings.

Start by specifying your city and country and then move on to select what item/job/topic you are interested in. As soon as a classified is posted matching your specified criteria, Craigslist will send you an email with a link to that listing.  You can also choose to receive these updates once daily or once weekly. Search criteria that you specify can be pretty broad or narrow depending on your requirements. For example, in addition to specifying that you are looking for a car, you can also enter a price range for your desired car and NotiFinder will only send you an email if the car falls within your specified price range.  Similar to the price range, other categories also have additional criteria that can be used to narrow down your search results.

With an easy-to-use interface, no hassle of signing up for an account and a dead simple idea, NotiFinder is one of the most useful Craigslist tools on the web.

Craigslist Ad Gets Duo Arrested For Weed For iPad Exchange Ad

We would think that people are crazy, but you wouldn’t find crazier people than  those posting ads on Craigslist, the free classified site which has had it’s share of controversies over its existence.

iPad Craigslist Weed Exchange Ad

In a really stupid and almost "come-and-arrest-me" ad on Craigslist, two men posted an ad on Craigslist for an exchange. And what was the exchange the stupid guys posted? Take a look at the image above, the guys were trading in an iPod Touch in perfect condition (sane) + Weed or what they call DANK (high quality Marijuana) (insane) for an (OMG).

Oh yes, they posted this stupid ad just to get an iPad in exchange, this was surely one of the worst ways to get yourself arrested, and yes they did get arrested after a tipoff.

Once a tipoff was received by the cops, undercover cops responded to the ad and arrested two 20-year olds from Gilbert, Arizona after they were served up the dope in exchange for the iPad.

The dumbest part of all this is that those folks actually uploaded the image of the dope on a scale in the ad too. Oh and if you think that this was a dumb thing to do, we have even more dumber people out there in the world. Last year a criminal escaped from a Suffolk, UK prison and starting taunting the cops through Facebook, though he was eventually caught later, that was by far the most stupid thing to do.

And if you thought that the Internet was not a weird place, take a look at how a woman banged her head against a wall.. err vehicle and sued Google Maps.

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