How To Unblock Craigslist From Work/School?

IT departments at some companies and schools are more strict than others when it comes to browsing. If your workplace or school has blocked access to Craigslist as a part of their policy, here are a couple of things that will work.

The first option is to try some general methods that would work for 90% of the users like using a proxy or playing around with your IP. But if nothing works, just head over to CraigLook is like a mirror site to Craigslist that has all the CraigsList’s content but with tons of extra features.

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CraigLook lets you search Craigslist by simply entering your zip code and the keyword you are looking for. For example “TV” in “Dallas” would automatically scan all the listings and grab the ones that have the keyword TV. It will show you the total number of results along with the results in each category such as “Sale’, “Jobs”, “Services’ e.t.c. You can check the box next to any of the categories to only include results from that category.

You can also restrict search results by specifying the radius you want to search in and even specify a price range you are looking to be in. You can also choose to hide listings that don’t have an image and sort the results based on date or price. CraigLook also displays information for new items from

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However, the most useful feature of CraigLook is the ability to save your search and even set up alerts so you receive an email any time a new listing matches your specified criteria. CraigLook can also be used to post new listings without actually going to CraigsList.