How To Extract Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key?

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Microsoft has already created a lot of hype over its latest version of Office Suite. Recently a beta version of Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus was released and we have posted a download link for the same. After few days, a Starter Edition of Microsoft Office 2010 was also leaked. What’s more? We have even posted all the tips and tricks of Microsoft Office 2010.

If you are one of those people who have already downloaded and installed Microsoft Office 2010 but lost the product key due to some reason, then here is something for you to rejoice.

ProduKey is an easy to use utility that can extract your Microsoft Office 2010 product keys within few seconds. ProduKey is a very tiny program that can extract all of your product keys as soon as you open the program. There is no need to install this program and it is completely portable. You can carry it anywhere on your USB drive.

Extract Office 2010 Product Key ProduKey

Techie-Buzz Verdict

ProduKey can easily extract the product keys of Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2010 as well as product keys of Windows 7, Vista, and XP with a single click. It works smoothly on Windows 7, Vista, XP, Exchange Server and SQL Server.

Techie-Buzz Rating: 5/5 (Excellent)

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      can anyone give me de key fore office 2010 plus thanks

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        hey plz someone help me in providing product key for MS OFFICE 2010 PROFESSIONAL PLUS 32-BIT X86 VERSION 14.0.1734.1000

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            pls give me product key of ms office 2010 standard.

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          please help i need a produckt key for for microsoft outlook 2010? or for that matter microsoft office.

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      • I need product key for Microsoft office 2010 professional plus

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      I need a product key for office 2010 Pro please!!

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    • Sue

      I need a product key for office 2010 Pro please!!

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    • I’ll second that, great post that saved me having to fork out another £345 for office!

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      pls send me ms office profectional plus key a\plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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        hello please someone help me in providing product key for MS OFFICE 2010 PROFESSIONAL PLUS 32-BIT X86 VERSION 14.0.1734.1000

    • can you send the product key on to me plz

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    Microsoft Office 2010 32bit

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      I need key for Microsoft office Home and Business 2010,32 Bit pleazz.

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    hi.. i hve just bought a pc and have only word and excel in the office 2010. can i have the product key for the power point office so as i can activate the product.
    thank you.

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      can u give me that key plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    I need the product key too :( please help me

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    I bought a new laptop and foumd a message reading i have one day to activate microsoft office. The supplier Vaodacom 4 u can,t heip me. please advice how do I go adouy doing it,for I don.t want to lose any data ,

    This is urgemt thamjng you


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      product key ms office home & buisness 2010 :


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        Thanks dear…………. This product key make me to work in word 2010

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          and its also work MHMH3-6CYTF-8YY27-MBYXR-HRDRV

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          Got the same message…….. Whats wrong with it???

          • Mista Chubbz

            samething dont know what to do from herE? anyone?

      • I believe it’s a bit over the limits to actually post a valid Microsoft Office serial, if people choose to illegally hold the product, fine by me, but there are sufficient websites that do it.

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    my product key doesnt work, i also downloaded office 2010 cant open application

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    Does anyone know if I can download ms office 2010 and then enter this product key for activation?

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    i’ve tried the product key posted below and it works. sadly its only a trial version.

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    i need product key 2010 , pls help me !! thank you for ur help

  • I think Magical Jelly beans is more powerful as it can recover keys for more apps

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    hello there, i have download office 2010, but now it demands product key. this version is very useful to me. please help me. i badly need a product key. please send it to me…….thank you very much.

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    hi.. i have just bought a pc and have only word and excel in the office 2010. can i have the product key for the power point office so as i can activate the product.
    thank you

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    i need produvt key for ms office 2010

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    does anyone have product key for MS 2010 please thank you

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    hi there does anyone have a working product key for my microsoft office professional plus 2010. because all the keys that i have found so far: 774GJ-X3942-9GTKT-FWYJ9-KM77K

    so please help me and thank you.

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          Does anyone have the activation key for the full version.

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          code is workig but saying installing ms office 2012 professional trail whats that … how to get fulll

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        that key is not worked for win 7 on my laptop

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      Hi i downloaded retail edition English 32-bit (x86): X16-32250.exe
      i dont have the key.i need it for study. can you please find it for me and send me. I will be gladfull to you my id [email protected]

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      774GJ-X3942-9GTKT-FWYJ9-KM77K this worked for me thanks friend

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          i need it for a paper fast!!!

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        D699H-6T3DG-MC2TX-7PB2B-WVY2R is true

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      • worked for me thanks sooo much!!

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        Have tried this key D699H-6T3DG-MC2TX-7PB2B-WVY2R it does goes through the configuration process but the activation doesn’t happen. My version is 14.0.4734.1000 (32 Bit )….Can someone help….pls.respond to [email protected]….Thanks in Advance

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        Thanxxx Bro its worked on office 2010 prfessional plus

      • Naveed

        Thanxxx Bro its worked on office 2010 prfessional plus

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    Everyone this is the only website that actually has a Microsoft office 2010 that actually works. I recommend this to anyone wanting a decent product key that works without any B.S. I have used their product key and can say that they are not wasting peoples time. Have fun.

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      i need the key,tell how i go about it

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      I am looking for a product key for the free 60-day trial version of Microsoft Publisher. Do you have a couple of product keys you have used that work for the free trial version of the Publisher download?
      Thank you.

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      Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010: 22HGX-728MX-BBWX9-7BB8X-J96B4

      Visio Premium 2010: PQCFB-YGXGC-TXB66-DH3VW-GCGYQ

      Project Professional 2010: CQYRY-3KBR3-JW34C-VGH7M-MQM49

      • Grazzie mille ma non funziona nessuna,,,:-)))

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