Facebook Quietly Rolls out the “Translate” Button

After Google integrated the “translate” feature into its social network, which allows users to translate posts and comments into 50 different languages, Facebook, as usual has followed the footprints of Google+, and quietly announced the launch of “translate” button – powered by Microsoft’s Bing.

Facebook Translate - Powered by Bing

The new in-line translation feature allows users to quickly translate content or comments on pages using Bing Translate. Prior to the launch of this feature, most users on Facebook relied on third-party services like Google Translate to help them understand and communicate with users who speak other launches. The translate feature on Facebook will now eliminate the pain to go to Google Translate, and users will be able to translate a comment or page by simply clicking the translate button, which is placed next to the ever-popular “Like” button.

When a user translates comments by clicking the “Translate” button, an “Original” button appears in place of the Translate button, which allows users to switch back to the original language.

Facebook Translate

However, it is still unclear as to how many languages the translator supports. So far, it is known that it supports English, Spanish, French, Hebrew and Chinese language. And the button only appears for users with their language set to English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Taiwanese and Chinese-Hong Kong.

How to Activate Translate on Facebook

1. Click on Account on the top right hand side of your page and  select    Use Facebook  as a Page.

2. Click on Edit Page on the top right hand side of your page.

3. Click on Your Settings on the left side of the page.  You’ll have four choices to pick from:

  • Admin, community, and machine translators
  • Community and machine translators (default)
  • Machine translators
  • None
Activate Facebook Translate

However, at times the translator displays an error message – “There is no translation available for this story at the moment, whenever a language is not supported. As Facebook mentioned, users will have the opportunity to add their own translation for a post or comment by opting-in to using in-line translation. Once the user has provided the translation and if the translation receives enough positive votes from other users, then the translator will replace it with the Bing translation and the same will appear each time someone clicks the Translatebutton for that specific post.

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  • Looks like a great feature and this will remove the language barrier and make your pages more reachable!! Bravo Fb!! Small but very useful updates…

    • I don’t even have those options, also no Edit Page button ? since a week i can’t activate the bing translation !! help

  • The settings were already correct in my account but still I don’t see a ‘Translate Button’.

    • Casey Fehl

      Neither do I

  • Zoh

    Weirdly the admin settings are missing from my page’s admin… although, the translation is definitely set to “on” because I am getting complaints from users saying their local translations are incorrect!

    It looks like a lot of other page admins are also experiencing this same problem:

    FB is causing my brand damage with inappropriate translations, but presents no way to fix it. Unacceptable.

  • sxk

    I do nto even have those options to start with. I have home, my name and find friends. the drop down for account setings takes me to acompletely different general, security etc ….
    what is worng with the face book acount???

  • I do not have this option in the settings of our page. Please help!

  • blark

    Could you please explain in more detail with perhaps pictures and screen shots how to turn this feature on?!

  • i have no option like that

  • My FB page doesn’t show “Account” at right top, nor when I click the options does it show that and my account settings do not have it either. None of these options are available on my page. So do you know how I can access the ‘translation’ to be included with my posts please?

  • Michael Mullaney

    i do not ave these options either and i do not know what to do. Please help

  • Casey Fehl

    How do I get the translation feature turned back on for the Facebook app?