Eureka: World’s First Vaccine and Cure For Cancer Developed by Israeli Medicine Company

The BIG NEWS of a Cancer Curing Drug is coming in from Israel.

An Israeli company has come up with a vaccine against cancer that is both safe in terms of no side-effects and can be administered as a drug. Vaxil BioTherapeutics has developed a vaccine that is now undergoing clinical trials and not yet available in the market. It is being tested at Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem and the trials could take as long as six years to conclude.

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A vaccine that is also a drug

The vaccine also acts like a drug, i.e. it can be administered to a sick person as a cure. The vaccine is being tested against a form of blood cancer called multiple myeloma and it is generating enough success. Vaxil says that it could be used against other types of cancer as well, including the common prostrate and breast cancer. The primary immune technology, called VaxHit, can then be developed for other forms of cancer.

How the drug works

The problem with cancer is that the immune system of the body doesn’t know what exactly it should do. The Vaxil product, called ImMucin, trainsthe immune system to act in a specific way. Cancer cells have a marker called MUC1 that is unique to cancer cells only. ImMucin trains T-cellsof our immune system to attack only those cells that are marked by the MUC1 marker. The success rate of the vaccine has not been revealed, but it is supposedly phenomenal. The diversification of the vaccine stems from the fact that MUC1 marks more than 90% of the different cancer cells. Furthermore, since only those cells marked with MUC1 are targeted, the drug has no side-effects and is completely safe to use.

This may be the ultimate magic bullet that scientists have been working towards for a long time. However, there are still a few clinical tests to go.

Vaxil’s Homepage:

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  • Rhonda Canuel

    Such wonderful news coming from Israel. I would love to invest in the company that is developing this new cancer treatment drug.

    • Merav

      Israel has the best cancer treatment in the world. If this new drug pans out we can vastly cut down on chemotherapy.

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  • 1. I hope they are not bought out and this shelved because of the massive amounts of money that will be lost in current cancer treatment.
    2. This should be bought by some billionaire like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett and given as gift to the world like the polio vaccine.
    3. All of the current cancer research is to create expensive individualized gene treatments coasting $100,000 USD per person.
    4. Drug companies do not want to create something like this because a country like Thailand will ignore copy right law and manufacture it on their own to save their people. They did it with HIV drugs.
    Watch this story closely. I fear it will fail in clinical trials. Not because it does not work, but because of the 100’s of billions of dollar that will be lost if it is produced.

    • Gail Miller

      Umm.. At least one of those billionaires that you listed wants to cull the human race LOL.. So I highly doubt they would give it as a gift to the human race
      And I think there’s already cures for all kinds of things that have been shelved because of the money big Pharma and government would lose.

  • buckfast67

    find a drug to kill all the crazy americans to save the planet

  • buckfast67

    total bullshit Israel would sell out to America if they found a cure…..according to them they are the law and no-one can do fuck all till these lunitics so its ok