How To View Replies Sent to Someone Else on Twitter?

Replies in are usually messages that include a @username text in a tweet, however by default users can view replies to themselves and in some cases replies to someone else sent by someone in your follower list.

But how do you track replies that are sent out to a person other than you? Well there is very simple way to do that.

For example if you want to track the reply sent to my account @keithdsouza or our friendly RSS feed robot @techiebuzzer here are some simple steps.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: In the search box just enter @username, in our example either @keithdsouza or @techiebuzzer.


Step 3: Once you hit the search button, you will see all the replies sent to the user you are searching for.

Pretty simple right.

4 thoughts on “How To View Replies Sent to Someone Else on Twitter?”

  1. That's cool and all, until you want to see what you've tweeted to celebrities. I sure don't want to surf through all of their replies.

  2. Hi,This isn’t exactly what I’m looking for! I’m trying to find out how to see MY replies to someone elses tweet! Someone tweets on their profile, I answer/ “reply” but I cannot SEE what I wrote! I can see what everyone else has replied but not my own! Why is this and is there a way to change it? Thanks!

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