How to Remove Yourself From Twitter Lists Created by Others

Groups or Lists have always been a good way to organize your contacts. In that sense Twitter Lists are no different. However, with lists, you cannot control whether you are on a good list or a rant list.

Say for example, you had a bad day with one of your Twitter friends and they in turn decide to add you to a list called Moronsor something like that. Officially, there is no way for you to get out of that list, however, thanks to TechicaVita, there might be a way to get yourself out of that list.


As you can see from the tweet above: If you block a user and then unblock them, you will not show up on their list anymore. So, if you have been wanting to get out of someone’s twitter list, try out the trick above. Do let us know if it works for you or not.

Don’t know how to block/unblock twitter users? Read our tutorial on How To Block or Unblock users in Twitter.

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  • Interesting find mate!

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  • Tim

    Worked for me. Thanks. in fact, simply blocking the owner of the list removes you from any lists they have placed you on. If they have put you inappropriately on a list, why would you want to unblock them anyway?

  • Will

    How do you remove yourself from a list if the user deleted their account?

    • Let me know if you find an answer to this. I have the same problem.

    • Ugh!

      same here

  • Kwadwo

    the sad thing is that if you’re listed in more than one of the person’s lists then you’re wiped off all of them, even if you didn’t intend that. oh well.

  • P

    Doesn’t work!

  • girl from pdx

    Thank you so much! totally worked!

  • Worked, thank you very much!

    To others: please make sure you block, unblock, go to home and hit F5 to force a refresh.

    • Marie

      Thank you!

  • Marie

    Dude, it sooo worked. Let’s see if it lasts. These evil jerks on twitter can’t invade or disrupt my privacy.

  • Sandra

    Didn’t work for me :/

  • twitter maniac

    this did not work for me… any other suggestions on how to remove yourself from a list?

  • Marconi

    Thanks a lot! it worked! :)))

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  • Chris

    totally worked, thanks!

  • This actually worked ! THANKS (:

  • Alex

    But what if the person doesn’t follow me, and they have still added me to their list? i tried the blocking and unblocking thing, and it doesn’t work :(

  • TheWrightWingv2

    This does not work.

  • Frank Grayson

    Hey, it worked! Thank you very much! Do you know if it matters if you block the person again after removal? Because I did. Will that stop them from putting you on any more lists?

  • Forester 63% #FBPE Cave-dwelle

    worked for me, thanks