From Sunset to Sunrise: Tips for a Perfect Night Out in London 2024

Traveling enrichens us as humans, and regardless of how fond of traveling some might be, we all have a list of places we would like to visit. Now, the city of London is on most of those lists, and rightfully so, as the cultural and historical heritage combined with the special city vibe is something you cannot find anywhere else. That is why we created this guide on what you simply must do and visit while in London, so let’s start.

Visiting museums


Let’s first clear some things up, as it doesn’t matter if you are fond of history, various artifacts, and the past in general, as there is something that can only be experienced in museums, and that’s the special taste of importance and value of previous events and general history. Regardless of what some might say or think, items that date back thousands of years must draw many feelings, as in the end, isn’t being known and someone who will people mention for many years and even centuries after we are gone the goal of our existence?

Many people think museums are reserved only for day visits, but the best thing in London is that most of the popular ones open their doors even in the evenings or nights. It is perfect for people who want to learn something new but do not have enough time during the day, as London has a lot to offer, and it is impossible to see everything in only a couple of days.

Tickets for Museum Lates are usually cheaper than during regular working hours, and they organize some special events, which is a perfect way to save a little money, and have some of the best times in your life. Some of the museums even organize sleepovers which can be great fun for children, but even the adults will be excited to spend a night surrounded by dinosaurs or other exhibits. Besides that, there are many events and special venues and, if you are lucky enough, you can have some of the best times in London in a museum.

Going to a theater


Watching a movie is a good way to fulfill free time and enjoy it with friends, but people who decide to visit London should put visiting a theater on their bucket lists. London theaters are famous for various plays, which means there is a perfect one for every person, and watching each of them is a special experience.

Theater performances differ a lot from movies, as the actors do not have a place for a mistake, and each of them is unique every time you watch it. The best plays are usually reserved for evening hours, so you can explore this beautiful city during the day and enjoy the play in the evening. Overall, experiencing theatre, and especially some Shakespeare plays in London, is one of a kind experience and something we highly suggest to be on your must-do list while in London.

Take a ride on the open-top bus


Yes, everyone knows about these famous buses and memorable tours of London, and even though some might think this is overemphasized, it’s still one of the best ways to truly experience this city and understand its vibe. It is also one of the best ways to see most of London in the shortest amount of time, as open-top bus tours usually take up to two hours, while they focus on the most important and famous places in London. These buses differ from regular ones as they are not closed from every side, and that allows the passengers to see everything around them.

It can be tricky to go on this tour during rainy or cold days, but if the weather is fine, this will be the best way to see all the important places in London. The best thing is that these buses take their rides even in the evening, and you can see the breathtaking architecture of London in a completely different light. Overall, this tour is something you will remember for quite some time, and early tours can also be a great starting point for your day.

Go to the bar


What would a trip to London be if you don’t take the time to go to some traditional English pub, try fish and chips and a pint of beer? Yes, even those who don’t prefer beer as their to-go beverage option should try it, as visiting London and not tasting the beer from a local brewery would be a waste. On the other hand, many consider London a calm city with not such a wild nightlife, but that’s only at first glance, as the truth is that it is one of the cities that provides the most fun for tourists, especially during the night.

There are many restaurants, bars, and discotheques that work until the early morning hours, so if you love to party, there is no better place than London. Theme parties at local pubs are yet another thing one simply needs to experience firsthand, and thanks to a variety of them, every person can find a place to enjoy the entire night, and the best idea is to try to visit as many of them as possible because many of them are worth seeing.

If you are not sure where to go, you can always do the research online or ask local people, as no one knows better than them where to find fun. The latter option might even be the best one, as the best way to get a sense of what the nightlife really is, is by checking and going to places that mostly locals visit, as you would probably want to avoid going to pubs with so many other tourists.

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