How Do You Define Google Plus?

Defining Google+: Is it Facebook’s competitor? Or is it similar to Twitter? Oh, wait! Does it work like a blog?

Well, it is quite hard to define or probably explain the newly launched social networking site, Google+. When Google+ was announced, everyone thought that it was Facebook’s competitor. Later on, by users’ experience, they claimed that it is more like Twitter where you can share links/images; make official announcements and so on. However, few users say that it works similar to blogging platforms. People like Kevin Rose, found Google+ so interactive that he eventually ditched his blog and redirected his domain to his Google+ profile. Well, now that’s like being more fascinated towards Google+.

Let us compare Google+ with Facebook, Twitter and Blogging platform to see what they have in common.

Google+ vs. Facebook


Right from the profile page to updating posts and to sharing stuff with friends, Google Plus and Facebook have the most common features.

  • G+ and Facebook have almost the same Profile Page. The user’s profile picture placed on the upper left-hand corner with friends list below that, is same as Facebook. In addition to that, we have information like Occupation, Education and a brief self-introduction box on the right-had side of the page.
  • Facebookers can “like” updates while Google+ users can “+1”. It is pretty much the same feature. Both these buttons are allowed be integrated on third-party sites.
  • The status update box on Google+ is a copy of Facebook’s status update box. A picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s the comparison:
  • Updating posts in Google+ is similar to updating posts in Facebook. You can share personal thoughts, videos, pictures and even links while your friends can “+1” (“like” on Facebook), comment or share it with others.
  • Google+ allows you to categorize your friends with the help of Google+ Circles. This allows you to control what you share with whom. Similarly, Facebook allows you to categorize your friends in Groups, but unlike Circles, Facebook users do not commonly use Facebook Groups.

Google+ vs. Twitter

Source: Google+ vs. Twitter

I have seen people breaking news on Twitter and such announcements/news published on Twitter, spreads like wildfire. Google+ functions in a similar way. We have seen Google employees – Vic Gundotra and Frances Haugen, announcing new features on the site. Not to forget, the CEO himself (Larry Page) posted  Google’s Q2 Earnings report on his stream last night.

Most Indian tweeters, use SMS gateway to update news as quickly as possible. Similarly, Google+ announced SMS support that lets Indian users update their Google+ stream by just sending an SMS. Here’s how to update Google Plus through SMS.

Google+ vs. Blog

Like any blogging platform, Google+ also allows you to share posts with photos, videos and permits users to comment on it. Although blogs allow you to share your posts on Twitter and Facebook, Google+ limits its user to share posts within Google+ only. However, with the use of third-party extensions, you can share Google+ updates on Twitter and Facebook simultaneously.

What is New in Google+?


Well, just one thing and that’s “Sparks”. Google+ Sparks allows you to identify or discover topics that might interest you. For instance, let us say that you are interested in Photography. With the help of Sparks, you can keep yourself updated with latest news and topics related to Photography. The results shown are filtered according to the keyword/s you specify. Read more on “Sparks”.

Considering the above points, it is quite hard to define Google+. What I think of Google+ is that it is a mixture of everything. Google+ == Facebook + Twitter + Blog + Some of Google’s unsuccessful services.

Here’s how I think Google+ was born – Google has taken the best of Google Wave, removed some unworthy features from Google Buzz, added few bits and pieces from Orkut, integrated Facebook’s UI, allowed Twitter like functioning and embellished it with photo sharing and video chatting to make it look more like a blog.

Google has really brainstormed on Google+ and have taken into consideration what people really want and how they would like to communicate with their friends and family  members  – You share what you want, how large or small it is and firmly decide whom to share it with.

Well, If you are already on Google+, please let us know what you think of Google+ or how would you define it?