DomainTyper: A Trendy Ajax Domain Search Tool

Looking for a perfect domain can be a studious task. Anxiety levels go high when you have to wait to see if your selected domain is still available. DomainTyper helps keep your anxiety low as it checks for domain availability on the go, as you type it.

DomainTyper makes searching for domains a little more easy as it pours down the results as you type, so there’s no button to press and no page refresh required. Apart from the default (.com .net & .org) domain extensions, you can add any number of extensions from the Add Extension dropdown. The extensions are arranged by country name so searching for your preferred one won’t be a problem.


There’s a Web 2.0 domain generator on the left which comes into use if you are not able to think of a domain. You can also have a look at some domain hacks on the spot (not in picture) as you search through domains on the site.

DomainTyper gives a tough competition to AjaxWhois, which has been there for quite some time. Both of them have a similar functionality although DomainTyper whelms Ajaxwhois when it comes to the variety of features. There’s also an iPhone app (free) for DomainTyper which will let you search for domains on the go.