Compare YouTube Videos By Watching Them Side By Side

If you ever want to compare two YouTube videos the best is to watch them side by side. This is usually pretty difficult if you open the videos in two different tabs or different browsers. However, these is a web app that can make it easy for you.

YouTube Doubler allows you to watch two YouTube videos side by side in the same window. All you have to do is specify the URLs of both the YouTube videos and click “Double Up”. Both the videos will start playing side by side and will allow you to observe any differences.


You can also get an embed code to put both the videos side-by-side on your website or blog. YouTube doubler is a useful tool with a simple logic. They simple take the URL of the two videos you specify and embed them on the same page so you can view them simultaneously. It will also come very handy if you are running short and time and you would rather watch both the videos at the same time.