Easily Create Online Survey Forms Using Google Docs [How To]

We have started a new series recently where we interview the top technology bloggers from Asia, initially we had emailed out the questions to the bloggers which they could reply to, though that would have worked out fine, it definitely created huge logistical and tracking headache, that was when we quickly went in and created a Google Spreadsheet form, where bloggers could easily input their answers and it would make tracking them easier for us.

Here is a simple tutorial on how we created a online survey easily which saved both the bloggers and us a ton of time.

Step 1:  Login to your Google Docs account and click on create new Form. The form is basically a easy way to input data into a Google spreadsheet.

google-docs-forms-types-of-questionsStep 2: Give your form a name and add in a description about the survey.

Step 3: Add in the required question you want to get answered, the fields for answers can either be a  text field, paragraph text or textarea, multiple choice answers, checkboxes, lists and a scale 1-n type of answer. You also have a option to make a question compulsory to answer.

Step 4: Save and share your form with people who you want to survey, the answers to the questions will automatically be saved to the in your Google Docs account.

That’s it, in just four steps you will be able to easily create online surveys and access them anywhere without having to go with a professional firm, or the hassle of creating HTML forms. The only drawback we saw in this was the lack of alerts when someone fills in a survey, though its not a big deal we can live with it. Please do take time to visit and rate the sample survey we created.

9 thoughts on “Easily Create Online Survey Forms Using Google Docs [How To]”

  1. Thanks for the tips.
    Two comments:
    It would be nice to know how to embed this in a WordPres site.
    The form doesn’t have an option for explanatory test anywhere other than the top. Since surveys often have multiple sections, it would be useful to add blocks of text further down the list of questions.

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