Amazing Alex is a Fun Physics Game for Android and iOS [Game Review]

amazing alex

Rovio, the team behind Angry Birds, has come up with another interesting game — Amazing Alex for both the major mobile platforms, Android and iOS. It is a physics based puzzle game that features several fun filled challenges.

Rovio is known for creating very simple yet addictive games and Amazing Alex is no different. If you’re among those people who love playing games such as Cut the Rope, Where’s My Water, Apparatus, Sprinkle and other physics/puzzle games then you’re surely going to love Amazing Alex as well.

gameplay (2)

The basic idea of the game is to create a complex machine by arranging items from a given collection such as balloons, scissors, cardboards, toy cars, etc. to perform an utterly simple task like putting a football in a basket or popping balloons with a scissor.

gameplay (1)

The items are limited and they can be arranged or rotated anywhere in the space in order to achieve the level’s goal.

People who’re familiar with a very old game, The Incredible Machine (TIM) will find the gameplay of Amazing Alex strikingly similar. Both the games have a similar goal of creating a Rube Goldberg machine with the only difference being that TIM was more complex.

the incredible machine
The Incredible Machine game (Photo credits).

where-is-alexInterestingly, Amazing Alex doesn’t justify its name — there is no character as Alex present in the gameplay, unlike what I had expected since there are several angry-faced birds present in Angry Birds. Anyway, this physics-based game is fun to play.

Amazing Alex comes in three different versions — Free, Full and HD. The free version has only 16 levels and the gameplay in very limited which won’t last longer than twenty minutes. On the other hand, the full and HD version feature 100 different and more challenging levels.

The free version is.. obviously free while the full and HD version of Amazing Alex come with a price tag of $0.99 and $2.99 respectively.

Grab Amazing Alex for Android — Free, Full ($0.99), HD ($2.99) and for iOS ($0.99).

New Game: Frisbee Rush Brings Nintendo Wii Style Motion Gaming to Android and iPhone


While we’ve covered many worthy mobile games in the past such as Equiblirum, Max Payne and more that offer superb graphics and story, I recently came across a game that has gone a step ahead and offers real Nintendo Wii-esque motion controller gaming experience with a smartphone — Frisbee Rush.

Frisbee Rush is basically a mobile-desktop game that uses your phone as a Frisbee controller and your desktop/TV screen as a window to a city. The city is being raided by aliens and your job is to throw Frisbees at them by either swinging your phone (like a real Wii controller) or manually throwing Frisbees by swiping them from the mobile screen towards the monitor.


It takes some time in learning the art of Frisbee throwing since we Android gamers are not used of motion gaming. But the game becomes insanely addictive once you’ve mastered it, especially in a co-operative multi-player mode where you can play with upto two of your friend(s), helping each other in salvaging the city.

Frisbee Rush features 12 different levels and trust me, the game difficulty increases exponentially with each level; I’m still trying to complete the third level even after spending almost an hour with it… Or maybe I’m a terrible gamer.


Setting up Frisbee Rush is fairly an easy task and all you’re required to do is download the game on your mobile and load its website in a desktop web-browser. Next, a unique code will appear on your mobile screen. Enter the code in your desktop browser and you’re ready to play.

The best part of the game is probably its price — it’s completely free. It is available for both both the major mobile platforms — iPhone and Android.

Download from Play Store | iTunes

Caution: Please hold your phone tight while throwing Frisbees. Techie-Buzz won’t be responsible for any damages to your phone ;)

Equilibrium is an Amazing Real Time Strategy Game for Android [Review]

Equilibrium - A real time strategy game for Android

There is no dearth of good games available for Android, but when it comes to the real-time strategy genre, the quantity of worthy games is quite small. While browsing for such games recently, I found a gem – Equilibrium, a game so addictive that it got me hooked at once and I played it till 3 in the morning!

Equilibrium is an ‘Android exclusive’ (a rarely used term!) fantasy style real-time strategy game. Gaming freaks who love playing strategy games, especially games like Age of Empires and World of Warcraft, will definitely enjoy it.

Story Mode

The story of Equilibrium is set in a time where a fragile world faces conflict between two nations, Order and Chaos. As the name suggests, the Nation of Order believes in peace and is pure and noble in its intentions. On the other hand, the Nation of Chaos is the ‘evil’ empire which revels in inflicting pain on others. Your job is to command either of the two sides and lead them in their battle against each other to their ambition of world conquest.

The primary objective of the game is to defeat the enemy, while protecting your own castle in a tower-defense style. You can build various buildings such as a temple, towers, house etc., by dragging their icons, such as temples or houses, into the field. In a similar drag-and-drop way, different warriors can also be trained, which differ in movement speed and strength.


Nation of Order Nation of Chaos
MapsThe gameplay is fantastic, containing over 40 different maps in campaign mode, each with a relatively different gameplay. The game lasts for about 2½ hours and is quite easy to play untill the half of the story, when the difficulty tends to increase at a very high rate.

Equilibrium is powered by Unity 3D game engine and needless to say, the graphics of the game is surreal, specially at night-time. Unlike many other 3D games, the field of view-sight in Equilibrium is pretty large, which is essential for any strategy game.

I’m a big fan of strategy games and Equilibrium is one of the best games that I’ve ever played on Android. Though, I wish there was some story behind the campaign game-play as it would have added more fun to the game. At present, the maps in campaign mode have a random story without any connection with each other. Anyway, on an overall note, Equilibrium is a must-play game for any reader owning an Android phone.

Download from Play Store: Equilibrium (Free)

The game is almost free to play. Why ‘almost’? Because the Nation of Chaos can only be played by upgrading to premium by paying a small fee of £1.99 (or $3 or ₹170). The upgrade removes in-game ads and brings 30 new maps with completely different gameplay. However, playing as the commander of the Nation of Order is completely free and does not require a single penny.

Game Requirements

Equilibrium is a graphics intense game and requires an Android phone with some decent specifications. It is best played on a device having a minimum of 1Ghz processor horsepower and a screen resolution of 800×480 or higher.

CD Projekt RED Hiring for an RPG in a Brand New Setting

CD Projekt RED is pretty much my most favorite developer. They have made The Witcher and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. That makes them pretty awesome in my book. They are dope. They are fantastic. They are- okay okay it seems my point has been put across.


So you can imagine my reaction when they put up a blog post with a title saying “Join Our Studio Today”. My excitement levels increased to over 9000 and I could not read the rest of the post without a crazy maniacal grin on my face. Here’s a little more about the new IP:-

Our mature dark-fantasy world is well known around the world, though if you can’t stomach dwarves, elves or sorceresses who put their ample charms on display in Playboy magazine, we’ve got also something special that might be right up your alley! We’re looking for people who would rather work on an entirely new and different IP – a vast RPG for which we want to assemble the best possible staff. It represents an opportunity for you to create a grand new project from the ground up!

So it seems it’s a dark SF world. One that aims to fill up the void left by Mass Effect perhaps?

Joyous day, indeed.

FIFA 12 PC Review

FIFA by EA Sports is one of the most played sports game in the world. Earlier, it faced heavy competition from PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) in terms of game play, but since FIFA 11 was released, it has improved in leaps and bound. FIFA 12 is the best from EA Sports so far. The brilliant individual player control and intelligent CPU game play along with numerous new features in various modes has made it the best football game in the market.

FIFA 12 Arena

FIFA 12 Arena

Let’s start with the game play; the player control has been massively improved. Unlike earlier versions of FIFA, FIFA 12 has slowed down the game speed which gives the gamer a fraction more time to swiftly control their player by just jogging or jogging while pressing the Pace control button, it also makes skill moves easier to perform during matches.

FIFA 12 Starting a match

FIFA 12 Side Selection

FIFA 12 Game

FIFA 12 On going Game Screen

You can make the game play more realistic by turning off numerous Auto assist options like pass power, and direction  from settings. Some players have specialties. For example Wayne Rooney has engine, distance shooter and clinical finisher specialties; this makes his distance shooting more effective in scoring goals and also has high scoring percentage inside the box. This brings the skills of individual players in the games closer to what they are in real life. If a player has a clear view of goal then he will score 8 out of 10 times.

FIFA 12 Rooney Scoring

FIFA 12 Rooney Scoring

FIFA 12 Real life impact

FIFA 12 Real Life Collision Impact

EA Sports has also introduced levels in FIFA 12 which helps to find suitable opponents  during online play and ranking yourself with your friends. Penalties have also changed in FIFA 12, which now has a meter. You have to shoot when the pointer is on the green patch. When shot at either end of the bar, the player usually slips, which is fun to watch. The intelligence of the CPU can be described by the fact that if a player like Peter Crouch is in the penalty box, the winger of his team will cross the ball immediately (note: Peter Crouch is 6 feet 7 inches tall), but if a shorter striker is present it will try to cut in with the ball. Midfielders like Fabregas are quick in picking out passes because of his high vision compared to Michael Carrick or Ji Sung Park.

FIFA 12 Real life movement

FIFA 12 Detailed Player Movement

FIFA 12 Scoring Goal

FIFA 12 Scoring by head

EA Sports also added a new style of defending called Tactical defending. Generally, people who have played an earlier version of FIFA used the sprint plus standing tackle button to win the ball. But the Tactical defending takes it to a new level and is extremely challenging for players. In Tactical defending, you have to control the direction and speed of the defender plus jockey and contain the opponent, then tackle only at the right time to win the ball, just as in real life. Tackle early, the player will go past you and tackle late, you will foul them. Tactical defending is very difficult to get used to, and frankly speaking, I couldn’t get used to it and switched back to old style of defending. However, many people will surely like this new style.

The most played mode in FIFA is the manager mode. I love this mode as it gives me a chance to do whatever I want to do with my team. In FIFA 12, the interface has been completely changed with most of the default screen occupied with News from around the football world. The news of your club and your players’ performance are highlighted here.

FIFA 12 Manager Mode Default Screen

FIFA 12 Manager Mode Default Screen

Rotating your squad is also a big challenge, as Form and Morale affect the attitude of the players. If you don’t play a certain player for a long time he’ll wish to leave the club. His form and morale will also dip as a consequence. Giving a chance to new players frequently will give their form and morale a boost, and you will be notified when that happens by a pop up message from that player after matches. The scouting network has changed a bit. Now you can simultaneously send three scouts to different locations. Sending and calling back a scout takes a few days, unlike earlier, where they could be called up immediately and sent to another location. As a manager, you can now get involved more deeply in the game because of the newly introduced option to comment on your team or opponent team before certain matches. You can use this opportunity to praise or motivate your team or any individual player which will increase the morale. At the same time, you can comment on the opponent team or players. Some people love to buy and sell players in manager mode, but the club budget can hinder the fun. In FIFA 12 you can choose your budget allocation between transfer budget and wage. You can decrease the wage bank to increase the transfer budget.

FIFA 12 Manager Mode Budget Allocation

FIFA 12 Manager Mode Budget Allocation

Apart from Manager Mode, one other mode which I like is Virtual Pro. You can create your own professional player and then complete the various accomplishments to increase his ratings. This is very addicting because of the fun of the accomplishment. The online playing option has been improved, and now you can play with players of your level, who will be automatically searched for. Various options, like online tournaments, increase the fun. But you need to have a fast and unlimited internet connection to play online. My 512kbps internet connection is slow to react to my controller action, hence it is difficult to play. An internet connection of 1Mbps should be good enough for a smooth experience. There is also a FIFA 12 Store where you can buy various additional features from EA, like Live Season, in which the player form in game is updated every week based on their real life performance. There are many other additional features which you can buy.

FIFA 12 post match

FIFA 12 Post Match

Overall the game is the best that EA Sports have produced so far. Excellent and intelligent game play makes it the best football game currently in the market. The real life impact of collision between players brings the experience closer to real life. If you are a football lover then don’t think even once before buying FIFA 12, and if you haven’t played football, FIFA 12 will surely bring your interest to the game. I rate FIFA 12 a solid 9 out of 10. You can’t afford to miss this one.