The Dark Knight Rises Official Game Released On The Play Store; Dead Trigger Now Free To Play!

The Dark Knight Rises hit the┬átheaters’ this Friday and has been wowing people with its storyline, script and action scenes. The Dark Knight Rises marks the end of the Batman trilogy from Christopher Nolan, and the movie could not have had a better ending.

To fill your thirst for some more Batman action post the movie, Gameloft released the official game of the movie – The Dark Knight Rises – on the Play Store and iOS AppStore this friday. ┬áThe Android version of the game is around 1.8GB in size, and costs $6.99. Like any other Gameloft game, TDKR has stunning graphics and a above average gameplay and controls. When the game was initially released, it did not work with most of the popular Android devices including the Nexus 7 and Galaxy S3. Thankfully, since then Gameloft has updated it to add support for both the devices.

Another welcoming news for Android gamers is that Madfinger has finally released their huge first update for Dead Trigger. They also added a surprise with this update, by making the game completely free to play compared to its earlier price of $0.99. The game still has in-app purchases for weapons, but this does hamper your progress in the game at any cost. The iOS version of the game still costs $0.99 though.

Download: Top 5 The Dark Knight Rises Wallpaper

The Dark Knight Rises is easily the most anticipated movie of 2012. The final installment of this Batman trilogy is going to be nothing short of epic. There is a pretty good chance that like me, you are also a Batman maniac. The OST of the music from Himmer is nothing short of terrific as well, and is definitely adding fuel to my fire of watching the movie.

I have been using different Batman wallpapers since the last one week, and as a Batman fan would like to share it with other fans out there. Below are my top five The Dark Knight Rises wallpapers -:

The wallpapers above are in full HD resolution so it can be used on your Android or iOS devices as well. Also, dont forget to head over to the official The Dark Knight Rises website to download more awesome wallpapers and other goodies.

Credits to the original makers of the wallpapers!