Windows To Go Hands-On: Running Windows 8 From A USB Drive On MacBook Air

Windows To Go Hands-On: Running Windows 8 From A USB Drive On MacBook Air

Microsoft recently demonstrated their Windows To Go feature in Windows 8 and shared some technical details about it. After the demo I got an opportunity to try Windows To Go on my Mac. The video is a bit long since this is the first time I’ve run this copy of Windows 8. As informed by the team during the demo, the first run will take time to set up the drive, subsequent boots are much quicker.

Here’s my hands-on video of Windows 8 via Windows To Go on my MacBook Air:

No installation required. Plug and play, literally and figuratively.

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Manan Kakkar

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  • Wish you wrote this Earlier, installed Windows 8 in MBP running Mac Lion using Parallels today :p

  • Such an interesting feature to begin with.. waiting for beta version of windows 8 to test it with more working features. Thanks for the great article.

  • I’m trying this out on a MacBook Pro but the USB drive isn’t showing up after holding down the Option key on startup. The Windows To Go USB has been working fine on all the PCs I’ve tried it on. Is there anything else I need to do to the USB to get it to show up on the MacBook Pro startup list? (I’ve tried it in both the USB slots and once in Mac OS I can see the USB fine). Thanks for the blogpost.

    • Hey ben, I did not do anything other than plug the drive in. I ran into some issues but those were boot errors. I am not sure what the problem is here. Sorry for not being of any help. If I do come across something, I’ll get in touch.

    • i’ve runed into this issue also! i understood it’s because “MBR”