Ultimate List of Christmas Themes For Windows 7

We are back with another . This time around we will be presenting some excellent themes for . Applying Themes in Windows 7 is very easy, just download the Themepack file, and double click on it to apply the theme to Windows 7.

You might also want to checkout some of the other Best Windows 7 Themes you can download and use for free.

Please note: Some download links will directly download the .themepack file to your PC.

Twinkle Wish Windows 7 Theme from Microsoft


Download Theme (direct download)

Windows 7 Christmas Theme


5 thoughts on “Ultimate List of Christmas Themes For Windows 7”

  1. Buddy, more Christmas Theme Packs are added but this time for Windows XP, because more people are asking for Windows XP.

    The collection which you have added are very good, specially the red one

  2. @ Jal. to show courtesy, yes we have to mentioned the linked website URL but as long as blog is forwarding the users onto the linked pages / blogs, it is fine. Techie-buzz done Good job mentioning that some are direct downloads.

    Pure example of team work by Techie-buzz

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