Google Chrome “Goats Teleported” Easter Egg for Linux

The folks at Google and in-fact lots of other major companies have a knack for hiding Easter eggs within their products. We have covered several such in the past.

However, we can across another Easter Egg in where users can teleport goats from the Task Manager. This is basically available on version of the Linux version of Chrome.

I was unable to confirm this on a machine, however here are some screenshots from a Linux version of Google Chrome.


To experience the Easter egg, follow the steps given below.

  1. Open Google Chrome and a few tabs
  2. Press Shift+Esc to open the task manager
  3. Right click on any process and click on “Goats Teleported”
  4. Restart the browser and open the task manager again to see the number of Goats teleported for each tab.


This currently only works on Google Chrome for Linux, we are waiting to see if this Easter egg makes its way to Windows and Mac versions. Looks like Google was in a hurry to teleport the goats to the penguins first :-)

Thanks for the second screenshot Kunal Gautam

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  • I can confirm this on unstable (Linux-dev) as well

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  • The goat teleporter was functional in Windows first;
    it wasn't ported to Linux until later.

    I think it's not in the Mac version.

    See for more info.

  • Q

    Even cooler, type this in the address bar on a Windows XP machine (vista and 7 don't work because microsoft removed it):


    It shows the pipes screensaver, and says "Don't clog the tubes!".

    It's from an internet meme about how George Bush said "Internets" a few times.

  • The mac version has goat teleportation as well. :)