Download Windows XP Theme for Windows 7

I have used Windows XP more than any other OS from Microsoft and in fact I still have a test machine that runs Windows XP.

Back in the days Windows XP was a huge overhaul from Windows 98 and the failed Windows Millennium, however that look has stuck with me for quite sometime.

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If you are using and are nostalgic like me about Windows XP, you can now download a Windows XP theme and use it on Windows 7.

XP Luna is a theme for Windows 7 that will bring the look and feel of Windows XP to Windows 7, definitely worth it if you want the simple looks of XP and the power of Windows 7.

Download XP Luna Theme [via Ask VG]

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  • tony

    Can you give instrcutions on this, i cant figure out how to change it. [email protected]

  • Feyru

    I’t wont work. It turns into classic theme. Can you help me how to fix this?

    • Player863

      Have you patched for third party themes? That’s the only way you can use them. You also have to put them in the “C:/Windows/Resource/Themes” Folder with a theme file and a folder with the same name and all the files that the theme uses.

      • fgdgf

        Yess !!!

        Due to that bugger,i lost my 15 mins

  • Player863

    This is a great theme with a great feel to it. I like it and approve of it 100%. :D

  • shaikyaseen

    greatest theme in the world

  • asa

    how to downoad

  • Thanks for the best windows xp themes!!!

  • Excellent post, thanks for the nice explanation, I really like :)

  • AdamGreen

    Hello people! We added a visual theme, this is the “Luna theme (XP default theme) better.
    ***** NOW the buttons on the taskbar changes to ORANGE when a program requires attention.
    and we posted some extra programs for to makes Windows 7 look similar / same as XP !!!

    Luna 7 Theme:

  • Thanks for the best windows themes on internet!!!

    • The topics are extremities, I’m somewhere else find a good theme for Windows 7 but I can not remember on which site, these are good bravo:)

  • Amrit

    I just love this theme. Thank you so much!!

  • A

    does not works at all

    • Alex

      Does this theme turn off cleartype? I have tried adjusting everything I can but I just don’t like cleartype. Turned it off everywhere and I am using the classic theme now…

  • Hey

    I tried finding the Download Link to this Windows XP Theme pack for Windows 7, I cant find a clear link to where i can download it. Where can I download it?

  • joe

    This is a virus! i’m serious, this crashed my old computer and it wouldnt let me log in! DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

    • yes joe,it contains virus.when i run this theme pack,my whole pc screen is turned to black with mouse cursor.i again reinsatlled my os.i lost my data.its just because of this theme.please guys don’t download it.its a warning about damaging virus

  • (y)

  • hi

  • y

  • hello

  • hiiii
    w up.

  • hiiii

  • o nice xp.

  • gobind hansdah

    nice theme. but not work at all