How to Open .torrent Files?

Tip: This article teaches you how to open torrent file, if you are looking for more information click here or see the end of the post.

Torrents are the latest and fastest way of distributing softwares and other content on the web. With torrents users can download files from multiple users rather than having to download files from a single server.

What are Torrent Files?

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol used to distribute large amounts of data. The initial distributor of the complete file or collection acts as the first seed. Each peer who downloads the data also uploads them to other peers. Relative to standard Internet hosting, this provides a significant reduction in the original distributor’s hardware and bandwidth resource costs. It also provides redundancy against system problems and reduces dependence on the original distributor. wikipedia.

How to Open .torrent files?

There are various softwares that will allow you to open and download the content from .torrent files. BitTorrent has their own software using which you can open .torrent files. We prefer using uTorrent though, a lightweight software, which is fast and allows for easy management of .torrent files.

uTorrent is completely free and was included in the 35+ amazing and free softwares we talked about earlier.

Download uTorrent

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20 thoughts on “How to Open .torrent Files?”

    1. UTorrent was absolutely USELESS. Downloaded two torrent files which took forever to download, then they wouldn’t open. Downloaded Bit Torrent, the torrent downloads took 1/10th the time on UTorrent and opened effortlessly. Don’t waste your time with UTorrent.

  1. i have download some drama series..
    but i dont know how to open it. then, i download utorrent, but i got a little bit confused to using utorrent..

  2. Thanks for this guide Keith I have always had trouble getting torrents to work I usually had to stick to rapidshare and megaupload downloads. After reading your post I can see where I was going wrong. Cheers

    1. @Essay not necessarily, torrents are the best medium to large files and there are always dangers in whatever mode of transfer you use. Having good protection on your PC can thwart any such malware and spywares

      1. Where can I download it from??
        I couldn't find it :( and when I searched for it on google I realized that they aren't as easily available . is win32 a lower version?
        God I have no idea and I feel like a noob but pls help if you can

  3. Hi. I have downloaded a few video files using utorrent…but everytime i try opening them (in windows media player) i can only hear the sound with no video. Is there any other software which is needed to play videos that are downloaded via utorrent ?

  4. I have a problem. I know how to use torrents. The problem is that lately whenever I hit the download button for the torrent, I get a message that reads: "Error server did not respond". It doesn't matter what site I go to, every file says the same thing. I can download regular files from other sites, but not the torrent sites. I'm going crazy with this. Thanks for anything you can do to help.

    Windows 7 x64, utorrent (latest)

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