CM9’s Music Player Is Going To Be Highly Customizable; Will Also Support Themes!

The developers behind CyanogenMod are already hard at work on bring Ice Cream Sandwich, along with their own custom tweaks and enhancements to the public as soon as possible. While most of the handsets have already received a working CM9 base ROM, none of them come with any of the extra goodies which TeamDouche will be adding to CM9.

Now, one of the CM developer – Andrew Neal – told The Verge that there will be plenty of customization option in CM9. The new music player will also have a lot of customization options, including custom shake actions, custom notification area controls, the ability to search the Android Market for a particular song, set ringtones, swipe gestures through-out the app and much more. The developer is also working to add support for a full theme engine, which would allow theme makers and other developers to change the look of the music player by just applying a skin.

The Music player will come as the default music player on CM9, and the developer even plans on releasing a stand alone version of the app on the Android Market sometime as well.

Download Android 3.0 Honeycomb Music Player For Your Android Handset

Andy Rubin had stated during the Google I/O event this year that the Android 3.0 update will completely change the UI of Android to make it look more beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Back then, he had also shown off the brand new Music Player which will be bundled with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). Now, XDA member johnie93 has somehow managed to get his hands on the APK file of the Honeycomb music player.

Readers can download the APK file from here. Transfer this APK file to your Android handset and install it to get the Honeycomb music player on your handset.

snap20101228_125530 snap20101228_125257

The Music Player worked perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy S running a custom ROM based on Android 2.2.1. The application also supports music streaming from the Gmail account linked to your Android handset (Google Music incoming?). The UI of the music app is pretty good as well but nothing stellar. The desktop widget is a bit bland for my taste with no album art support.

It also looks like the Music Player will support Wireless Sync. As of now, the feature does not work. Also, sometimes the app would get excessively slow while playing back music. The app also FC’ed (Force Close) a couple of times for the short span of time I used it.

Nevertheless, I am pretty sure that this is a beta version of the music player. Google still has a lot of time to improve and tweak the performance of the application and perhaps include an equalizer as well.


Banshee To Replace Rhythmbox In Ubuntu 11.04 – More Mono!

The Ubuntu Developers Summit at Orlando, Florida is over and now we have the tentative list of the default applications that will ship with Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal”. There are no major changes in the default applications – Firefox stays, Evolution is still preferred over Thunderbird etc. Of course the choice of Unity over GNOME Shell for the desktop is a big surprise but that is another thing.

A really surprising change is that the music player Rhythmbox will be replaced by Banshee. There is really nothing wrong with Rhythmbox – in fact it is much better than Banshee in my opinion. So, it is surprising that they have decided to ditch Rhythbox.

And Banshee has a little detail that will make a lot of people cringe – it is a mono application. In spite of Miguel de Icaza’s efforts, mono still remains one technology that a lot of people in the open-source community love to hate. With the inclusion of Banshee, Ubuntu has brought up the mono apps count to three – Tomboy Notes and gbrainy being the other two.

Before the official announcement, there are still some little details like CD space issues to be resolved. In any case, that should be resolved and the replacement of Rhythmbox by Banshee is almost certain.

The choice of Unity for the desktop did not please many people. With the inclusion of more mono apps that number should increase. Natty Narwhal should be an interesting release.

Amarok Maya Gold Release

Amarok has released its version 2.2.2 of Amarok, codenamed Maya Gold. Amarok is the best music player for Linux and is based on KDE. It offers many features which completely rock and some of the noteworthy are:

  • Real time search
  • Minified library database and easy management
  • In built support for integration
  • In built support for subtitles
  • Pluggable look and feel

These simple features come inbuilt into Amarok or can be added with a few additional scripts of minimal sizes. Not only this, Amarok can also fetch track information from the Internet.

The latest version of Amarok, named Amarok 2.2.2 “Maya Gold” has added a new feature of Moodbar. This moodbar can be changed according to our mood. Also, editing of lyrics is now possible with a simple keypress.

The latest version 2.2.2 has brought amendments to many bugfixes here and has added the support for custom labels, allowing us to tag and label our music. This allows customisation at multiple levels. Also, podcast support has been revised and edited to make it optimal for a full fledged use. Podcasts can be automatically fetched in an intelligent manner from an OPML. Also, existing podcasts are ignored. This gives Amarok all the features one would possibly want in a music player.

Get Amarok here.