Is Cyberdefender a Scam?

no-go-ico On March 24, 2010, lawyers representing the Cyberdefender Corporation issued a ‘take-down’ notice to Allen Harkleroad. The take-down notice claims that Allen published false and potentially defamatory articlesabout their product and sales practices.

The Contenders:

Cyberdefender is advertised as an easy solution for PCs that are running slow or are infected with spyware or adware. You may have seen the television advertisements for and Visits to both of those websites will prompt you to install Cyberdefender software. It looks like Cyberdefender is the owner of both of those sites.

Allen Harkleroad is a well known consumer advocate, who has taken on some pretty big names in business, such as Dell, AMD, ATI, UPS and FedEx, to name a few.

The Contention:

Allen claims that Cyberdefender is a scam and has posted several articles in his websites, supporting those claims. Here’s one of them:

Beware of and Same Scam, Same Company

Here is a copy of the legal take-down notice from Cyberdefender’s lawyers:

CyberDefender Corp, MyCleanPC, DoubleMySpeed and Catanese and Wells

At one point, Allen says that he:

I installed the MyCleanPC software on a fully patched Windows XP machine that I rarely used just to see what happen. Other than installing software I use nothing else had been installed and no software had been uninstalled on the machine. It does have anti virus software on it. The CyberDefender software found over 3,000errors on a machine that runs perfectly fine, never had software uninstalled and rarely was on the Internet.

I’ve heard others claim that Cyberdefender isn’t worth the asking price. I decided to try it myself. I used Microsoft Virtual PC, with a copy of the IE6 test virtual machine. This allows me to run a clean, new, fully patched copy of Windows XP. It doesn’t have anything installed on it, not even an anti-virus program. The advantage to using a virtual machine is that I don’t have to worry about messing up a real computer.

Below, I have created a short slide show, which gives the results of my simple test.

Go here if you can’t see the embedded slideshow.


Let the buyer beware. If I see over 300 errors reported on a clean PC, I have serious doubts and would never buy the software.   What do you think about DoubleMySpeed and MyCleanPC? Would you buy them?

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  • Mr. Grimm

    I ran a test on a sandboxed Windows XP VM, and CyberDefender only found 3 cookies, marked as low risk.

    The company and product both look pretty sleazy, but I still haven't seen any evidence that they are rogue.

    • Thanks for posting your results Mr. Grimm. It would be nice to think that they've been paying attention to the people who've posted results online. They may actually be adjusting their software to show more realistic results.


      I have no issue with the software. Only the sales tactics. I would much rather see a software of this type being given a trial period, in which a person could really see if it works or not. Money back promises are pointless and a problem in many cases.

      • asep12

        Well, here goes..I used to work for them. They r located in DT L.A. and the product is simply this: a registry cleaner. copied from CCleaner and stamped w/ Cyberdefender logos.

        Now we were asking, why would people pay for something they could get for free? Heck, our office AV suite was McAfee, believe it or not.

        The Cyberdefender AV we knew was a joke. So..we invented another cash-cow called the AV/MALWARE removal service. If you paid $239, we will remove the malware from your pc. We knew it was an inferior product and lost money off the AV/registry cleaner so our brainless supervisor (a Russian) came up with sales tactics that will make the mafia blush. The “service” was made up of 6 actual techs, and the rest were “trained” to remove malware which is …get this: Malwarebytes in the end.

        Malwarebytes was used in the very end when our techs take control of your pc and when the customer wasnt paying attention.

        I would stay clear of anything from Cybderdefender, they’re a joke. The tech co I now work for is lightyears ahead of them..good luck.

        • Hi Asep, Thanks for confirming what many people already suspected.

        • I beg to differ on your opinion of what Cyberdefender is. Since I am assuming that you are a disgruntled ex-employee possibly from sales I am guessing. You wouldn’t understand why McAfee was used in the office would you? McAfee Endpoint was the choice of AV that the IT department went with cause guess why? – We don’t make a corporate version of the software that would be suitable for a company of that size to be managed, welcome to a corporate environment. As for using Malwarebytes by some techs maybe true, a majority of the malware and rootkits that are detected and not by your super AV companies, but the ones that we saw are carefully removed manually. Tools to detect and help a technician pin point problems are all over the place and free to us and YES to the customer. So if they are free and available, why aren’t the customers doing all this themselves? Cause they can’t and they pay for the service to have someone that knows what they are doing take care of the issue for them.

          • MowGreen

            ” So if they are free and available, why aren’t the customers doing all this themselves? ”
            Perhaps it’s because they’ve been deceived into thinking that by purchasing CyberDefender snake oil that their systems should have been protected in the first place. BTW, do you work for them, Ernie ? Anyone defending a sleazy “security” company must be a paid or company shill. CyberDefender is NOT a reputable ISV. Just take a look at the comments posted by their Victims on WOT –

          • Hi MowGreen

            No need to make personal accusations against Ernie. I doubt if he’s affiliated with them. He’s entitled to take the view that Cyberdefender is a legitimate and useful service. We can disagree with him without getting nasty.

          • James Worix

            Ernie is in fact employeed by Cyberdefender however Cliff. It’s not really an accusation as it is a fact. I’ve seen him on other websites arguing the same point and has mentioned before that he worked or possibly still works for them.

          • James Worix


            Proof our buddy Ernie is on the payroll. Now I’ll be off!

          • Thanks James, that is useful to know.

            Ernie – full disclosure would have been nice. How well do you sleep at night?

          • Mark

            Their are times when fixing the mess left behind by viruses, trojans, etc. calls for a clean re-install of the O.S., something that cannot be done through remote assistance. Some things may only be repaired through the use of system recovery, safe mode without networking, or bios upgrades that have to be done from a flash drive, etc.. so right there the scope of what can be done by your company is already severely limited by a remote break/fix support session. And I haven’t seen any pro-active protection for systems this crap is installed on, just reports of “errors” that aren’t really errors to begin with, just left over null registry keys, etc. It appears your software is lacking even in the most basic ability to do effective, performance helping repairs without the tech needing to use other 3rd party software! So Ernie, instead of trying to stem the tide of bad publicity here, why not tell us EXACTLY what Cyberdefender DOES do, i.e. a detailed list of, other than report on what we already know happens, in an annoying fashion. I would be most interested in your response to that.

          • Hi Mark,

            Those are good questions that I haven’t seen asked. The answers would shed light in a dark room. I’m not sure I’d be satisfied with a simple pledge from them to include better software. All we know is what Cyberdefender says, not what they are trying to do. Are they trying to help people, or are they only in it for the money?

            That might seem to be a dumb question to ask any company, since a company must make money to exist. However, helping people and making money can co-exist. If a company’s first ideal is to help, and is still able to figure out how to make money, that’s the best situation for the owners, employees and the customers.

            The answers to your questions and mine need to be answered before I’d trust Cyberdefender.

        • SO PIST OFF!


          • SO PIST OFF!

            ooooops – a lot of typos there yall – but thats what happens when your done dirty & well as my user name states — so pist offf! Sorry Matt but here I come (i love my nerd friend – he does mines free bcus he actually likes working on computers.. & we been best buds for.. ummm just 15 years)! & NO THANKS 2 CYBER SCAMS like CyberDefender – MyCleanPC or whatever they call it!

      • L FEX

        We subscribed to Cyberdender three weeks ago. We have one home computer and two laptops. When installed the home computer and one laptop seemed fine. I attempted to install prgram on my laptop three days ago. It took one very rude operator one hour to transfer me to a technician for which we waited another two hours. Calling back we spoke to a awesome gentleman who spent three minutes correcting our problem. Today I find out the program is NOT working..on hold for 1/2 hour..waiting for technician for over 4 now. I am not comfortable leaving my laptop open for them. I am not impressed..signed 3 year deal. Obviuosly I am not a computer person..just want to find someone to me this is bad.

      • George B

        I installed a clean Windows 7 (virtually) system, patched it, and only installed firefox.
        I went and downloaded the ‘cyberdefender’ program from ‘’. After it found over 300 ‘errors’ and problems, I tried to close out the application, but you cannot. It minimizes to the systray, and when you try to ‘exit’ from the program, it just comes up with the ‘last scan results’, with no option to actually close out the program. They have even hidden the program from the Task Manager, so you cannot terminate it when the application is only running in the systray.

        It is most certainly what I would consider ‘scamware’, where it may do as advertised, but it mousetraps your system, and does not let you easily remove or close out the application.

        Stay away from this program! Karma will eventually come back to get them for all of the people they’ve deceitfully ripped off.

        • I agree. Thanks for the tip George B.

        • Joe

          Well, I am not an employee of this so called “Anti-Virus or Cleaner” I personally think it is a scam, I ran it on my computer it stated:
          “1127 Errors Found” I thought this was crazy because i have in fact 3 anti-virus software that i just recently ran scans on. Very good/Free Anti-viruses Nod32-Sophos and of course spybot search and destroy. However, If you Go to Task Manager- You can see a program called
          CDregclean.exe and I believe this is the program, And in fact it is. I think it is In-Fact a mousetrap for your computer, it is pathetic what they do to try to get money i suggest if you bought this program demand a refund, if they deny Sue them.


          • Brando

            wow why in the world would you have 3 antivirus programs? well even if you ran ccleaner (a different registry cleaner) you still might find some errors too, errors do not mean you have a virus, they are just blank entries from programs you have removed.

          • sheeeeeesh

            yeah right brando…

  • Rick

    Well i dont know your background as a Tech but i ask you to re-run the test again on a clean Pc … actually read the results a second time ….. if the error reads empty key its not an error ….. you ran the registry cleaner not the antivirus. registry cleaners should only be run by techs or people that have some grasp of a windows machine,

    • Rick – you saw the screenshots I included. If the average joe (me in this case) saw 300 errors, he would think something is wrong.
      I believe that's the idea behind these apps. They want to scare you into believing that their product can fix your problems, even if they are imaginary problems.
      They are targeting average people, not techs.
      I don't accept your theory as an explanation for the reason I received so many errors.

      • Oh, I guess I didn't include the screenshots. Oh well.

        • Ok, I forgot. I did show everything in a slideshow. The screenshots are there showing every step I took.

          • SB

            I clicked the link and got the following:

            “Google Docs – Error

            Sorry, the page (or document) you have requested does not exist.

            Please check the address and try again.”

            Also, it looks like your link as posted includes some extraneous periods after the legit portion of the URL (though the link fails regardless of whether you include these periods or not).

  • Linda Logan

    Cyber-Defender has changed their service model where a customer now gets put into a wait list. I have had my computer “on hold” for four hours and no technician has called to work on my problem. I find it incredulous that a company changes its model of doing business and does not notify its current customers. My calls into the company to get a technician assigned to my has gotten me no where. I would never recommend this company. They do not deliver the service they advertise.

    • Hi Linda – thanks for telling us about your problem with CyberDefender. If you or your business really needs online help with problems, I would recommend a service more like the Comodo LivePCSupport. I’ve written about it here:

    • if you were to take your computer to a Best Buy or Fry’s do you expect the same service of having it worked on and done the same day? You would not see that computer for the next 3-4 days if you are lucky, why is this you ask? Computer issues take time and problems could arise and the chain store knows this. Cyberdefender has the same issues as a chain store, but they have it where the first available technician will be able to handle your issue and they try to do this “ALL IN THE SAME DAY” while you are at home seeing exactly what they are doing. There is no fast food type of fixes people.

      • James Worix

        Ernie are you on Cyberdefender’s payroll? I mean honestly man!

      • Mark

        The kind of work you get done at Best Buy or Fry’s involves mostly installing new hardware, diagnosing hardware problems, upgrading hard drives and video cards, etc. The kind of help offered by C.D. involve almost entirely system software problems, virus removal, registry issues, etc. A lot of work done by the big stores also involves warranty work, requiring lots of paperwork and red tape, shipping delays, parts availability, etc. So to compare the two is like comparing apples with oranges. An online tech support business that routinely makes it’s customers wait for hours for a service that can be started instantly and should take no more than an hour to fix is just setting itself up for failure. ( I guess that’s where slick marketing practices come in handy) A big plus with a physical repair shop is you get to see and deal with the tech in person, ask questions and get answers immediately (that are not based on how fast they can type, or latency, or their reading from a script) AND they totally do the work themselves, they don’t need you to set up their work atmosphere.

      • Andrea

        Oh pluuuuuuuuuese. I would wager that in any town across the world someone can offer same day service to fix a slow, viral or spyware ridden computer. In my town alone I know of 5. And we are, as our at least 3 of our competitors, offer mobile to your home service so that people do not have to haul their computers in. I am one of them and have been up and running and successfully getting crap like Cyberdefender out of people’s computers.
        Instead of allowing some company that charges you hundreds to offer “protection” remotely, I encourage anyone to look in your local yellow pages, do a seach for reviews on the net.. find someone local who can answer to you when things go wrong. And help you learn what to look for when things are slow.

        Be aware!

        • Good advice. Thanks for the suggestion.

        • Rick

          For $300 a year ? i think you all are a bit crazy

  • M goodwin

    Cyber- Defender has not changed they are piss-poor! How about I am on the wait list so far for 9 hours and no phone of course they say they will send you and email and guess what they know are hoping you can not get to your email. Great frinendly service on the phone BUT POOR SERVICE on every thing else… Of course they are quick to bill you.

    • Agnes Stubbs

      I have waited for 4 days for help and so far nothing.
      They sure don’t mind charging your bank for the money. But they do not help your computer. I really think this is a scam.

  • Daniel

    Running a Linux box with Wine installed, I decided to give it a test run. It did come up with 81 errors for the “Registry”. Further investigation on the errors turned up that the reported errors were indeed valid, just inconsequential… and did I mention that I use Linux? I don’t think that the software is malware, but I don’t agree with their marketing practices of “bait-and-scare” to get money out of people.
    Comodo, AVG,and A-squared do the job quite well and Comodo offers a full line of software for FREE (limited support… but free); not to mention Symantec, McAfee, and Kapersky are all similar in cost and have a solid consumer base… and a huge footprint (IMO). Too bad that ‘My Clean PC’ has the right to advertise whatever they want as long as they pay for the air-time… they are getting their brand into the market quite well.

  • Shawn

    These Cyberdefenders stiffed me for $260 for a 14 month plan as I only got 2 months worth. I orginally wanted to get the 2 year plan which was to cost me 3 installments, monthly, of $130 each. But I didnt see much progress to my satisfaction so I told them to cut me after the first month, being billed only one time of $130. They pleaded with me to pay another $130 for a 14 month plan. I was skeptical and didnt want to see the original $130 go to waste so I agreed. I started the plan at the beginning of May, 2010 and my service ended at the beginning of August, 2010. I called several times asking why my service was not working and they told me they would have to have someone call me back with an answer. Been about a month and no return phone call. Bet your Butt, you dont want this service…

    • Hi Shawn – Gee whiz, that sounds like a serious lack of response from them. In the future, if you want to use a service like this, you may want to check it out at (the Better Business Bureau). They’ll let you know the overall rating and how many customer complaints they have.

  • Jane

    Oh bummer, I just got the service and they started working on one of my laptops, I bought the 5 PC 1 yr for $299. called back to ask questions about the bill they sent and was on hold and then googled them and found this website. YIKES. I called back to cancel my service, and they have to escalate it to an “account manager” who will call me back. Now I wait and see. One laptop is done, so no idea what they did and guess I will have to go have it looked at by a tech to determine what they did. Any suggestions at this point if I should be concerned with the work they did or what I should have a tech look at?

  • There is more behind the company Cyberdefender then the average Joe computer knows. Software isn’t the only product that they have under their belt to address problems and issues with computers that are slow and or infected. They offer a service to people that are either unable or capable of fixing computer problems and they do this remotely. For the customer, this means no tearing down the computer, dragging it to a local store and having it sit there for 3-4 days to have them tell you sorry we need to format your computer. Cyberdefender along with their software has highly trained technicians that will solve the problems for you right over the phone while you are comfortably sitting at home. This type of service to the majority of customers that come through for support is invaluable to them and are very happy with the results. Yes its true that all computers can not be doubled in speed as they don’t convert Volkswagens into Ferrari’s or create miracles. They do however make the computers that they see usable and infection free as this is the majority of the issues that people have these days. Sit at a local computer store and just listen to the horror stories that come through the doors of customers that just don’t know how to maintain their computers and have to pay the price with these big chains stores. At Cyberdefender you pay a one time fee and you have your own personal computer techs at your finger tips with just a phone call away. Any problem you are having big or small. So you when you say SCAM next time Mr article writer, please know the bigger picture before pointing fingers.

    • Clif

      Hi Ernie – I said “Is Cyberdefender a Scam?” – I also said “Allen claims it’s a scam”. Get your facts straight. I only reported what I found.

      • Ernie

        Hi Clif – Thanks for clearing that up

        • James Worix

          Yes it is a scam. Cyberdefender software gives false positives even on completely clean machines. No it does not fix infected PCs, and no it will not ever double your speed. Any technician that has to reformat your computer over a virus threat is not a very talented technician and does not know his or her way around the windows system.

          The basics are Cyberdefender will ALWAYS tell you that your computer is infected even when it’s not just to get you to purchase the software to repair problems that never existed. So please Ernie before you go off at the mouth about how this software will do anything more than waste the hard earned money of the people who purchase it. Why not instead tell them to download Microsoft Windows Essentials instead. It’s far more qualified and is free for life as well as completely better in every way to Cyberdefender.

          Here’s a link to Windows Essentials –

          • Jenny

            Cyberdefender is actually sponsored by Microsoft.

          • Ernie

            James, you’re an idiot first of all … second I favor the service that Cyberdefender provided. I never praised their software …. learn to read.

        • sheeeeeesh

          it’s not a scam alright??? well clif, you’re replies are clear that u dislike cyberdefender..

    • Kellen

      Well, I feel like I was scammed. I have a relatively new computer, had no problems with speed or anything but caught a pop up virus somewhere along the line. I went to the mycleanpc site and got directed to cyberdefender. Ran the scan and had something like over a thousand errors on my computer and I thought maybe my comp was worse than I thought. Ended up getting a 2 year plan with tech help and paying over 400 bucks for it. They had techs work on my comp 2 different times. I was told that when they were done working on my pc they would leave a desktop note or call my phone to let me know what they fixed. I never got a note or a phone call but was more worried about the fact that neither of them fixed the pop up problem on my pc. The one thing they did accomplish was to make my computer 2 times as slow as it was. Now my computer crashes if I have too many windows open. It didn’t do that before. 2 days after buying their software and tech service I realized that this company wasn’t going to help me. I politely asked for a refund of my money. They forced me to wait for a call from a manager of some sort. The manager then explained to me that since their techs had worked on my pc that I would get all of my money back except for the 150 dollar tech fee. Well, paying 150 dollars for someone to make my computer twice as slow while at the same time not fixing the problem I came to them for in the first place really really agitates me. And as for their supposedly highly trained techs. I extremely disagree!

    • hey ernie: suck a fart. we know you work for them. you can’t fool us. loser.

      • sheeeeeesh

        right what anti virus company do you work ernie???

        • sheeeeeesh

          damn… i though ernie was the writer it’s effen you clif..!!!!

          hey johnny rocket…… better shut up!!!

  • john

    I had Cyberdefender installed on my computer for almost a year and always had some sort of problem. One morning I saw the my clean pc add and decided to download it and found out it was also Cyberdefender. After downloading I found that Cyberdefender said they found 278 errors in my computer , the same computer that I had paid Cyberdefender to protect. Now its time to renew it but guess what. It won’t be renewed . I will use a free service from now on and not waste my money.

    • Wow! That’s a real eye opener. Thanks for the comment.

  • scam.

  • disapointed tech liason

    As a employee of Cyberdefender I can say that we do do SOME good. I have noticed that we have customers that call in and get there computers put into the que and have to wait anywhere from 1-9 hours before there computer gets worked on. Another bad thing that i have noticed sense i worked at the call center is the fact that every other phone call is the fact that we ruined someone else’s computer due to our tech’s trying to get through the computer’s quick to bring down our que’s which they still fail at. I take calls all day long and here all the problems and can personally fix more then 75% of calls that call in but sense we are a call center we are not allowed to give any tech advice even thou half the time we know more then the techs do. I am sure if you have ever called in to get something taken care of you have been put in the que and half the time the tech liasons dont put any of the notes so we have to figure out what is going on to help you. I am sure if you have gotten the free trail you were not able to delete us from your system and we are not able to help you get rid of it instead we are dericted to send you to billing so they can try to get you to buy it.Also if you want to cancel we have to send a message for the sales team to call you to save the account and to reassure you we will get it fixed for it to work for a couple days and you to have to call back in and wait and have your computer tied up all day again. I am sure there are happy people with Cyberdefender but thats because they know nothing about computers and dont realize whats going on and i feel awful for those people. We get cyberdefender for free for working here and i will not even bother putting it on my computer, nor did anyone else who works with me. In short i am a employee and i would not recommend it to anyone that i know or anyone i hate for that matter. Stay clear so you dont have to talk to me and wait either a full day if not longer to get your computer fixed.

    • Kris Pillai

      My computer had active and updated anti-virus software by VIPRE – which had completed a successful scan. The PC was running perfect. But the VPRE subscription ended and I was looking for cheaper anti-virus software. Ran into CYBERDEFENDER in Google search. Downloaded it, paid for it and attempted to make the CYBERDEFENDER active on my computer. The trouble started! PC became very sluggish. Re-booted the computer and immediately called CYBERDEFENDER support. The technician immediately connected to my pc. I kept thinking, “vow, I never seen these type of service”. He browsed around my computer and said, he will not be able to remove the virus, which is preventing me from running cyberdefender. He also showed me that I have 64 processes running on my PC. He said it is way too many. He also said that and showed me that my CPU is running at 100% full, but the memory is fine. He suggested that I sign up for another experienced technician’s service for an immediate repair of my computer for a $179 and some change. The other option was a two year plan in the 300 range. When I said that I am not ready to spend money, the technician said he cannot do anything further. When I said I just paid around $40 for nothing, he said, ”No we can fix it for you, and I can have our most experienced tech call you.” All I have to do is pay the additional amount. I said, “No. I am not going to do that”, realizing that I just lost around $40.00 for nothing. Since then I uninstalled the CYBERDEFENDER and subscribed VPRE. Installed and the immediate scan showed no problem on my computer. My PC has been running fine. CYBERDEFENDER is a SCAM!

  • Mike

    Hell yeah that so called “cyberdefender” is a freaking scam.. and not just a scam, it’s a scam that actually damages you’r computer. I got blue screan of death just two days after I bought that crap. How can those pathetic criminals get away with it???

  • Marilyn Goran

    It s a scam allright comes on monitor with iffer of free thirty day trail Download and you discover you have to pay for acitivatioon code to clean reported results of scan Then discover I paid fee two years running and was never successful on getting progam to work
    each time I entered code it went to payment page the paid for 2 years were onder other names that this progam goes under

  • Debbie

    In June I called and became a premium customer with Cyber Defender. My computer crashed and I went a bought another one. They will help you after they have logged in using there ones, twos system and then after giving out your mail address 3 times the techinical will call you back at 1:00 in the morning. I have spent $389.94 and they said they will only refund $75.00 of this. They provide a rotten service to customers. Any help or advice on how to get the rest of my money back. They said a full refund in 10 days and the guy, Vernon was going above and beyond on refunding the $75.00 and this would take up to 7 or 8 business days.

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  • Cyndi

    Oh no! I also just purchased this software. I originally had purchased their Registry Cleaner and EVERY day I would have the same 7 errors reappearing. So I called to report this and the ‘salesman’ supposedly ran a test of my system (even though I have Windows Live One Care up-to-date) and claimed I had been infiltrated with a huge virus… I’m usually pretty careful about these types of sales but I was fairly freaked out when he told me my private information and credit cards were potentially at risk. A supposed ‘level 3′ tech spent several hours working remotely on my computer and sent me a nice desktop note saying that all had been taken care of. Next morning ~ 49 errors! So I called again and was sent to a ‘senior tech’ who spent more hours cleaning me up (he said as a senior tech he could go deeper into the system…). HE left a note saying the main problem was that I needed more memory and sent me a link to what is probably one of their partners (can’t remember the name of it off hand). In any case, I am on the ‘over 3 months’ payment plan for the $389 2-yr coverage. I do not have a good feeling about this and wonder if I should contact my credit card company to stop payment. Why can’t these whiz-kids use their intelligence to do something meaningful and valuable for humanity???

  • Don

    Yes!… This company is a scam. Their uninstall program DOES NOT work. I found that these guys were a bunch of SCAMMERS when I got some on the phone from India. These guys had a script event though my problem had NOTHING to do what he was telling. I switched to a new program and my computer freezes up every few day. I thought I had UNINSTALL the CyberDefender software, but when I checked there were still some REGISTRY entries. Once I removed those entries my systems is NOW FINE. I think these guys had some type of TROJAN on my computer. These people should be reported to the FTC and the FBI, because what they are doing in CRIMINAL.

  • Brando

    If people learn to use google they wont be complaining about this company because they would have never bought the service. and maybe they can find their own way speed up their pc.
    google it a tech’s best friend.
    sometime the only friend lol.

  • 65chevy

    Here is my advice to everyone check out the reviews on the company first. Don’t give out your IP address. Cyberdefender is a SCAM, run as fast as you can.

  • It’s well known that these companies are scammers. There are numerous sites with different domain names all pushing some form of this scareware…. and that’s essentially what it is. All of these sites install scareware that falsely reports errors (drivers, registry errors, viruses) and scares consumers into buying their BS…then fraudulently charges the consumers credit card.

    This crap causes more problems that it solves, and I have no idea why or how companies lke cybersurrender (cyberdefender) to stay in business.

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  • It seems that there is an endless number of people who have experienced problems with Cyberdefender. It’s truly outrageous.

    We are a California law firm who is interested in fighting for the rights of dissatisfied Cyberdefender customers.

    Feel free to leave a comment and we will get back to you. Thank you.

    • Robert

      I also lost money to Cyberdefender. They charged $180 to my credit card and I lost a laptop in the process. I still have the locked up laptop, but I bought a new desktop computer. I’m not going to waste my personal time trying to get reimbursed, but if there ever is a class action law suit, I want in.

  • Cyberdefender is trash. That “company” should be ashamed.

  • Henry

    I hope the company goes under. Some of the people in the customer service department keeps giving out my toll free number. Fortunately, ATT dropped my rate so my toll free bill is significantly lower, but it’s still a headache dealing with it’s irate customers. One name that keeps getting mentioned is Raymond. I hope he sees this email and get the correct toll free number.

    • Arcticpreacher

      This a first time response for me. I’ve read through all of the comments posted here. So I’ll tell my story. But first to declare, I’m not an employee nor related in any way. I, in fact, am a Missionary minister. I signed up about a month ago. The initial help was OK. Not sure what to expect. My computer speed was better but not over the top. I was told that I had registry issues from Firefox non-response, so I went to Cyber Defender.
      They helped but they didn`t correct it. I called them the next day. Got immediate chat help and an appointment for phone follow through. ON TIME in everything. Things got better but not perfect. Today, July 1, I got a bad virus, Vista Internet Security 201. It locked up alot. Cyber Defender, again gave me immediate chat, then a phone number, immediate help. It took a few hours, but my computer is virus free, my firefox problem fixed and all by remote and they called me several times, too. Up here in the Canadian Arctic computer repairs start at over $120/hr. I’ve seen their work, they did the same type of things, yet didn’t complete. I appreciate the courtesy, speed and help Cyber Defender has been. As usual, negatives travel faster. Also, remember that some existing problems are only flushed out to the surface when other things are removed.

    • Bernice Kelman

      I’ve used CyberDefender for about 2 years so far, and I love it. No, I don’t work for them. It’s like having my own IT department. I don’t mind waiting in que. All the tech support personnel I’ve worked with have been US individuals, not yahoos in India. Admittedly I have never tried to get a refund, as I am happy with their service.

  • Mike Hawkins

    It is a scam…auto renew on a crap progam that doesn’t work. I got rid of computer and program 6 months ago and now I am being charged renewal fees for nothing…BUYER BEWARE!!!!