How To Create Folders in iOS4

The free update for 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch is out, you can upgrade to the latest version by using the iTunes upgrade option. If you do not know how to upgrade to iOS4, read our earlier article on How To Upgrade to iOS4 on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch.


One of the new features in iOS4 includes the ability to use folders to club several applications together. To create a folder with iOS4, you will have to follow the steps given below.

ios4_folder_view ios4_folder_detail

Step 1: Click and Hold any app with your finger till it begins shaking.

ios4_move_app ios4_move_app_to_folder

Step 2: Drag any app and drop it on another app which you want to put in a folder. You can continue this process till you have added all the apps you want to the folder.

Step 3: To create new folders, just repeat Step 2.

The folder feature in iOS4 is really useful and will allow you to club similar apps together making it easier to find and open apps.

13 thoughts on “How To Create Folders in iOS4”

    1. Make sure you installed it onto your phone, 2 steps, download to your computer, then to actually install it onto your phone. Hope that's all it was.

  1. Thanks for the guide guys! I've been searching around for it for ages. My dad told me about it and I downloaded it but I haven't known how to use it, this has really helped. Thanks.

  2. Thank u Sooooo MUch!! if its not u, i wouldn’t got idea to make those folders… thank a billion….:))

  3. Thanks – i just updated my ipad and have no flippin idea how to do any of the new things… weird of apple to just let u work it out. i don’t find these new things as intuitive as they reckon it is.
    much appreciated.

  4. nice great i finally got solution as a visitor of your site i advice you please check your mail …… in your ipod 300+ mails in your inbox lolz!

    Thanks For The Help!

  5. hiya guys rly need ur help! i bought an ipod touch yessie and i cannot find hw to make a folder to put my games and seprate apps in ! Can u guys help???

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